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04 Izzie

Update received August 2010: Nina (Izzie) has been the perfect addition to our family! She has webbed feet (must be about 95% Lab) and would retrieve her bumper 100 times in the water at the Lake if I did not stop her at about 40. Very energetic! I bought a special TerraTrike and outrigger in order to be able to run her about 3.5 miles per day. We may need to take up SkiJoring this winter! She has several recurring playdates and is the perfect guest and hostess. She is very happy and amazingly well-adjusted, for reportedly having been a stray. It is amazing what great dogs can come out of difficult circumstances.


Update received May 2010: Nina joined our family in April 2010. She has a new sister, Mollie, a Shepherd mix, and a brother, Levi, a Pointer mix - both rescues as well. After some initial testing of each other, they all now get along very well. Levi and Nina especially love to chase and wrestle. Nina also REALLY loves her food and tennis balls! She is doing extremely well in obedience classes at TCOTC; her foster parents had taught Nina to sit for greetings, and she impressed her whole class on the first night with how well she did this! She is also learning the basic skills for flyball. Thank you to All Dog Rescue for their work with rescue, for giving us the opportunity to adopt Nina, and to the foster parents who got Nina off to such a good start for us!

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