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04 Lulu

Update received August 2010: Hi everyone! I wanted to email you and let you know that things with Lulu are going very, very well. It's been a bit over 3 months and we think she really calls our home her home. When I come home from work she is sooo excited to see me! Scott and Ian too. We fenced in our back yard and she really loves just hanging out and laying around out there. In this photo, Scott is giving her a bath. We bought her the kiddie pool for fun but she wasn't as enthusiastic as we were about it. Turns out it's a great place for summer bathing. She's a doll! We walk her twice a day-about 2-3 miles in the morning and a shorter one at night. Lulu is down to 23 lbs and we feel she's at a perfect weight. Over the summer she's shed her flub and you can see her more defined, muscular body. We like our new vet also. Uptown Vet-nice folks. Thanks again, all of you. We're better people with a dog to care for!


Update received April 2010: Hi all, we were out walking Lulu last night and I stopped a neighbor to take a photo of us. Everything is going well-very well. Everyday Lulu is opening up. It feels so wonderful having a dog in the house again...Lulu is just the best.

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