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10 Diego

Update Received December 2009: He is a cute face! With a personality to match. I'm having such fun with him. With trips to the dog park and 2 days a week at daycare Sam and Idzi are getting lots of time to play and I think it's been good for both of them. Apart from being a ball of energy, Idzi is also an ultimate lapdog and loves to cuddle. Idzi has been going to training and now knows "sit", "down" and is working on "stay", "leave it", and "back." We are definitely a success story!


Update Received December 2009: I have been meaning to send a photo of Idzi and an update to you. Right now I'm having trouble uploading photo's from my camera, so his will need to be just words and no pictures. Idzi is a sweet and very agreeable boy. I love the fact that he likes car rides, likes a bath, loves to be cuddled and has absolutely no qualms about letting us fiddle with his feet, his ears, etc. He loves meeting people and other dogs, and I'm trying to make a point having him meet and interact with as many as possible. He's gained almost 2 lbs -- up to 10.4 lbs -- and it looks like a good weight for him. I'd like to keep it at that. He and Sam have a riot together when we've gone to the Elm Creek dog park. He definitely needs an outlet for all that energy. I've started to take him to Six Wags for daycare 2 days a week, on days when my daughter works during the day. We also started obedience training last Saturday. Walking, "down" and "come here" seem to be coming fairly well, but "sit" is still an alien concept. Idzi and Sam are still working on figuring each other out. I love the little boy dearly. We've had him at home for 3 weeks...just about the same amount of time you had with him... and he certainly has a firm place in my heart.


Update Received December 2009: Diego, now named "Idzi" (pronounced "E-G") slept the night in my bed. You're right; he just curls up and sleeps! My 14 year old cat, Oreo, seems to take to him well. He and Sam are working things out. We're trying to give both dogs a lot of attention so neither one feels deprived. Idzi was just a ball of energy last night, so alert and so curious. We're continuing to work on "sit" and that is coming along. He is just a delight!

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