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10 Toffee

Update Received October 2009: He is doing so well, we love him so much. The first day was a bit scary for him because of the cat, but he got used to her relatively fast. That same day they laid on the coach together and both of them slept on the bed with us that same day. The next day was much better for him and her. And now they get along great. We took him to the dog park the other day and he was so mellow. He was extremely friendly to the other dogs even huge ones, but he didn't play much he just sniffed around and dug some holes. He had a few play dates with Dillon's brother's two dogs and the three of them play non stop. He loves to play fetch with all his toys and he loves playing on the bed before we go to sleep. He has really brought more happiness and love to our lil house, he is a perfect fit for us. He took his pill everyday, he is really good about that and he is extremely well behaved. He is very happy and so are we.

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