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10 Linus

Update Received November 2009: Hey guys, I feel so bad I haven't sent any photos of linus (now called Butters) that we rescued from you!!!! Here are some photos for you to post online if you want. For an update - he is doing great! He had some health issues when we first got him (tapeworm and Giardia) but the vet gave us medication and he is 100% healthy now! He and our mini wiener dog have grown such a bond with each other - they are attached at the hip!!!! Every night they cuddle up next to each other and sleep on their blankets. They chase each other all around the house whenever they get the chance! Potty training was a little tough with him, he loves to mark...haha! Lots of poop cleaning too :( But we now have things under control. He is even learning to ring a bell hanging by the door when he has to go outside. Leash training is a little rough as well, he would rather just walk beside you without a leash. But he is getting better. He has a ton of toys that he plays with and he loves to snuggle. He is just so darn cute. His coat which was very thin when we first got him has filled out - he is very scruffy! Anyways, thanks so much for this wonderful opportunity to rescue a dog - he is amazing!

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