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09 Tula

Update Received October 2009: Hard to believe Tula's been here a month already! Just wanted to let you know that all is well.... we are still delighted to have her! She steals the hearts of everyone she meets! Marc has been taking her to school on Wednesday nights and she shows everyone how smart she is. She loves going out for walks, as the pictures will show, she loves to barrel ahead of me a few hundred feet then circle around and come flying back beyond me...for every 100 feet I go she gets in at least 4x that! She stops only to spring off into the grass or bushes to see what's rustling around in there, she truly looks like a kangaroo. Such an enthusiastic lover of life she is....we have great fun with her! The cats are now accepting of her presence and she shows her respect for them despite wishing so much that they would play with her..someday soon we hope. On the physical level, her ears are good and the little growths in her mouth are gone :). Again, thanks so much for the part you played in bringing her our way!

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