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06 Tuck

Update Received February 2010: I thought I'd write and give you an update on Tuck. Chris and I were just talking tonight and realized that we've had him almost eight months, but it seems like forever - it's hard to imagine not living with him! He's doing really well. He loves a good game of hide-and-seek. He did well in obedience class (he's a smarty). He charms everyone he meets. I remember Sarah saying that he wasn't very athletic, but he's really come into his own in the past few months. He LOVES going to the dog park, where we've never seen him lose a game of chase, and his speed and crazy acrobatics regularly get wows from other dog owners. In general, he's a sweet, happy, gentle dog, and we're so glad we have him! I'm including a goofy picture (he really seems to like getting dried off after going out in the rain!) and a more dignified one! Thanks to all of you there for taking good care of him and getting him to us.

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