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04 Hunter

Update Received August 2009: Hunter is an awesome dog. He has snuggled his way into our hearts, (and into our bed, onto chairs, sofa, etc. but we like that he wants to be so close to us.) He is so affectionate. Words can't describe him. Family, friends, and neighbors (canine and human) have taken a shine to him. Our cat Sophie still lets him know that she is the boss. At sixteen years of age, she has every right. Hunter respects her ststus, although he is soometimes desperate to play with her. His play-bow position is usually met with a hiss and an occasional swipe of her paw, but other than hurt feelings, he incurs no damage.

Hunter is a fast learner. After working on heel, come and stay for seveal weeks, he knows all the basics. He has become a fine walker and enjoys meeting other dogs. He gets excited when he sees little children and always has kisses for them. That's the other thing about Hunter. He knows exactly where to plant those kisses - right on our lips. Hunter did struggle with separation anxiety for awhile, but we have figured things out that make our leaving less traumatic. We turn on the radio to the easy listening station for dogs. In the beginning we also left some kibble scattered on the floor for him to graze on. After a few mishaps, Hunter has discovered that we do indeed come back every time. He is absolutely airborne when we come home. (He hasn't been crated since the first week we got him.)


By the way, Hunter is not a chocolate lab mix, although he is a mix! We had his DNA checked and discovered that he is indeed 50% German Short-hair Pointer, but surprisingly 25% Siberian Huskey, and 25% Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.


We love Hunter. Dogs that have been through a lot may struggle a bit, but with patience and commitment, they can become great dogs. Thanks for all that All Dog Rescue does.

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