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01 Janie

Update Received August 2009:Hi All Dog Rescue,I have some pictures of Janie to share. I am sorry I do not have a picture of Brian, Janie and I all in one photo to share.Janie has been spoiled this summer. We have taken her camping, fishing, canoeing, and she headed to Iowa with me on a little road trip. She is our wonderful, loving companion and we could not be happier! She is the best dog ever :)!

The pics attached comprise our first camping trip, Janie in the snow (she LOVES playing in the snow), wet Janie (she also LOVES playing with water from the hose), and Janie relaxing with Brian in the backyard. There is also a picture of the two cats and Janie next to Brian on the couch, as you can see, everyone flocks to be near him when he gets home from work. Janie also has some windows in the house that she can use to watch the critters and there is a picture of her standing peering out at something interesting.

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