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Update received March 2012It's been a long while since I've sent an update on our boy Jonesy (formerly known as Case). Our sweet boy will be four this coming up summer and we feel like he's growing up too fast! He continues to be a bright ray of joy in all of our lives- including the newest member of our family, Charlie (2). Jonesy is so loving, fun, funny, loyal, and snugly. He is the best foot warmer on cold days! We continue to pay him back for the love and happiness he gives up by fulfilling his daily need for exercise and play. Daily trips include the park, the forest for hikes, and runs on the bike- which he loves! He also gets to travel and he really enjoyed a trip up to the Gun Flint Trail in February. They had a lot of snow, which he loves, and he got to run around with lots of deer. He doesn't chase them, just calmly walks near and watches them with great curiosity. He also got to go with us on a moon-lit wolf hike where we tried to find the local wolf pack. We stopped at various points to "howl" for them, and the group thought it was hilarious that Jonesy chimed in with his very authentic howl! Attached is a picture from last summer when we were camping- you can the complete joy he has when he's in his favorite place- nature! Thanks again for all you do at All Dog Rescue- our lives are so much richer with our sweet Jones!!


Update received October 2009Greetings! I wanted to send you all a note updating you on our wonderful boy, Case. Although his name has morphed from Case, to Casey, To Casey Jones, to Jonesy, he answers whenever we call for him. We mostly call him Jones. We've had him for a year this month and our lives have been filled with thousands of extra smiles and laughs because of him. He has grown into a healthy, athletic and happy dog who is fiercely loyal to his family. Each season has brought new delights for him; in the Fall he enjoys finding fallen branches and bringing them home to chew apart. Jumping in the leaf pile with our 6-year-old son is lots of fun too! Winter time brings snow-time fun and other than chasing a hockey puck at the ice rink, his favorite sport is catching snowballs. He can jump 5 feet in the air and flip all the way around to catch them! Let us now mention sledding at the local sledding hill too! He stays near as we walk up the hill, and then loves chasing our sled all the way to the bottom! In the spring, we enjoy many family hikes at the Bog in Theodore Wirth park where he gets to enjoy new smells not found in the neighborhood. And summer time equals water time!! Other then many camping trips where he enjoys fetching sticks out of the lakes, simply turning on the sprinkler in the back yard is a great time for him! His daily routine is a joy to watch- each morning when we walk to the bus stop to drop off our son, he gets to play with his best friend- Breeze, a golden retriever. Breeze has a large yard right where the kids get picked up and after greeting every kid at the bus stop, Breeze and Jones chase each other and wrestle for at least an hour while my neighbor and I drink coffee and watch. We take walks to the park during the day and play with the "chuck it" and most nights before bed, my husband takes him on a run through the neighborhood. We had a specially made harness made for him as we are preparing to do ski jorring with him this winter. To sum up, we are 100% in love with him and are so grateful that because of your organization, we are blessed with having him. Thanks again for your hard and thoughtful work! Please enjoy the attached pictures!


Update received December 2008First of all, he is THE BEST DOG EVER! He is smart, loving and so eager to please. He really doesn't do anything wrong and is just a great little guy. My husband, who was resistant to the dog idea at first (too much of a commitment and work) is totally in love. Their bond is already quite strong. Cole and Case together is another thing...they have become like siblings. Case loves to grab something of Cole's (a slipper for instance) and then play "keep away" with it. Watching them run through the house is so great and we have laughed so much more since Case came home. Also, he LOVES the snow. When we shovel he watches intently, and when the snow gets thrown, he runs to bite it mid-air. It is the cutest thing and at the end of it, his face is totally white with only his eyes peeking out! OH! And he also loves to play soccer...I think the Aussie in him lends to a natural inclination to play defense and Seth and him play in the backyard almost daily. We are going to the dog park a lot and Case loves to have his dog playtime- he is socialized well around the other dogs and stays far away from the aggressive ones. He still prefers the smaller part of the dog park. Lastly, Case has two dog friends right here in our neighborhood and he often gets invited for playdates. His best friend is a Golden named Breeze...they lay on the floor rolling over one another biting at each others face, neck, ears... for hours. It's adorable to watch. His other friend is a tiny 3 pound thing...(can't remember) but they love each other and Case carries her around by her fur! Well, that wasn't very short but I would like to thank you again for being such a great foster mom to him.

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