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03 Milly

Update Received July 2011Oh Milly (aka Cookie), our first "foster failure". :) Adam decided to foster Cookie for All Dog Rescue (while Katie was out of town) and bring her into our home less than 2 weeks after we lost our dear Mauer. Within a day of fostering her, she cuddled up, played with us, and even licked up our tears as if we'd had her for years. The little 6 month old pup became ours forever, just a week later. We renamed her “Milly” in honor of our late pup Mauer… who’s favorite stuffed animal was a bear named Milly. She has been a perfect fit to our crazy lives. She has the sweetest, most playful, "puppy for life" demeanor we've ever encountered. There is never a dull moment with Milly around… whether she is chasing her “nub” of her tail, cocking her adorable head to the side, or sticking her head out of the sunroom… she never ceases to make us laugh.

We've already begun our frequent visits to Six Wags, which is her happy place! She completed obedience 1 with canine coach and is one smart smart gal. She can sit, stay, shake, come, lay down... and best of all, beg like the best of them. She has even figured out how to escape her kennel...without ANY evidence left behind. She will give us a great run for our money, and we couldn't be more blessed.  Thank you All Dog Rescue for finding yet another perfect four legged fit for our family. We will be forever grateful.  Adam and Katie (and Milly too)

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