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Everyone can hear you Scream

Everyone Can Hear You Scream



It was night, again. The library was deserted save for Sidney Prescott and Martha Meeks.


"Hey Martha. I'm drawing a blank on what to write for 'the rules of a crossover'. Any ideas?" Sidney asked.


"Do I look like Randy to you, Sid?" Martha asked. Sidney felt guilty.


"Sorry Martha. I didn't…"


"No need to apologize, Sidney," Martha sighed.


"Well, I'm not as good as my late brother, but if he were asked to come up with the rules to a movie crossover, this is what he would say…I think." Martha took a deep breath.


"There are certain rules that are involved in crafting together a crossover!" She exclaimed in a semi-accurate representation of Randy.


"Rule number 1: The types of media have to be related in some way! Rule number 2: One of the heroes is always in the dark about what they are dealing with! And rule number 3…"


The light's to the room shut off interuppting Martha. A black figure rushed behind the girls catching their attention.


"Stay close to me," Sidney said following where she saw the figure run. The duo walked behind a book case and Martha shuddered. Written on the wall in red was a single sentence.


Do you want to die tonight?


Sidney's cell phone rang slicing through the silence. Sidney didn't need to bother looking at the I.D. It was an anonymous caller.


"I'm a fighter," Sidney reminded herself and answered the phone. "Hello."


"Hellooooo Sidney," Ghostface's chilling voice greeted. "It was only a matter of time before we'd meet again."


"Listen, fuck face. I don't know who you are this time, but you're gonna fail just like all of your predecessors have. Do you hear me! ?" She screamed into the phone; fighting to keep her composure.


"Hahaha. Oh, Sidney, Sidney." The line went dead.


Sidney tilted her head towards the exit and the two students made a run for it. Ghostface suddenly sprinted out from behind one of the bookcases slamming into Sidney and sending her crashing into a table. He brandished his knife and Sidney grabbed a nearby book; bashing it against the side of his face and sending him into a chair. Sidney ran forward and kicked him in the chest knocking him to the floor and kicked him in the nose for good measure. A second pair of hands snatched her from behind and hoisted her into the air.


"Let me go!" She screamed.


"Sid, watch out!" Martha cried as a third Ghostface rushed her. Sidney held up her feet and rammed them into the third Ghostface's ribs.


He stumbled towards Martha, who snatched up her laptop and, despite her better judgment, hit him over the head with it knocking him out cold. Sidney, meanwhile, bit her attacker's arm and he lost his hold. Sidney shoved him, face first, into one of the bookcases and punched him in the spine. He groaned and thrashed out at Sidney.


She ducked and smashed his head into the book case again. She finished up by shoving him directly at the emergency fire ax case. His face smashed through the glass and he crumpled to the floor. Every inch of Sidney's body shook and she held onto the table to settle herself.


"Martha? Are you ok?" Sidney asked. Martha gave a quick nod of the head trying to take in what happened. At least her laptop seemed undamaged.




"I know that laugh," Sidney said. "Why don't you show yourselves?" She ordered. Stepping out of the darkness were the Delta Lambda Zetas. Among them was Murphy.


"You son of a bitch," Sidney cursed; sounding as if the life had been drained out of her.


"What's wrong, Sidney? Didn't like our little prank?" Murphy asked in a mocking voice. She held up a voice modifier to her lips. "You look live you've just seen a ghost."


"Murphy? What the…who the fuck are all these guys! ?" Martha shouted at her; pointing to all the downed Ghostfaces.


"Random members of one of the fraternities," she said. "Gotta say I'm disappointed that you took down three of them considering how much bigger than you they are." Sidney walked over to Murphy and got in her face.


"You mind telling me your reasons for this 'little prank'?" She asked.


"Because life on this campus has gotten boring?" Murphy joked and Sidney slapped her.  Murphy's head jerked to the right and she slowly turned her head back.  She pulled her hand back for a punch, but Lois grabbed Murphy's wrist to hold her back.


"Piece of shit!" Sidney cursed and punched Murphy in the eye sending both her and Lois to the floor.  Sidney cursed under her breathe and ran out the door.


"Sidney, wait! Sidney!" Martha chased after her. Murphey got up and gave the frat boys all disaproving looks.


"Nice going you bozos," Murphy said as they started to show signs of consciousness.


"What did you expect to happen? This is Sidney we are talking about," Lois said and Murphy scoffed at her as

Martha re-entered the room.


"Sidney's gone guys! I can't find her!" She cried out.


"You lost her that fast?" Murphy asked.


"Shut up! Something bad could happen to her for all we know!" Martha screamed.


"Calm down, Martha. I'll help you look for her," Lois said.


"Really? Why?" Martha asked her.


"I told Murphy this was a bad idea, but that's not important. Let's go." And the two of them left to find Sidney.


A dark figure, meanwhile, observed them all out in a corner away from everyone's line of sight.

Amateurs, Ghostface thought.


So pitiful and hardly worth Sidney's time. Sidney; still a fighter aren't you? We'll see just how good you've gotten very soon. But until that time arrives, I'll let my 'friends' have a little bit of fun.  Ghostface lightly chuckled and gazed down at a frighteningly familiar egg.


"In Space, no one can hear you Scream. But on Earth, everyone can hear you Scream." Ghostface turned around and literally vanished from sight; not leaving a trace that he was there.

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