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Wanted: A Prophet
Isaiah 1-6

  1. When hypocrisy or scandals in the church are well-known, how can the church regain credibility?  What  practical expression of repentance might the church demonstrate?
  2.  How does God describe His people in Isaiah 1?
  3.  What were the four stages in Isaiah's experience of God?  Which of these do you recognize as being neglected in your own life?
  4.  How does a call for repentance spell hope for those who've gone astray?
  5.  How effectively do you think Isaiah's approach to his culture was as he used the 'carrot and stick" approach?  What can we glean from Isaiah's approach to his culture to motivate those in our own culutre who have strayed from God's standard?
  6. Why did Isaiah use music as a creative medium to call people to repentance?
  7. To whom was the song sung?  About whom?  (see Is 5:1)
  8.  How would you summarize each of the six woes as you read the lyrics?
  9.  How did Jesus refer to this song to address another generation ?  (see Matthew 21:33-44)
  10.  What title would you give Isaiah's song, and why?

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