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Crab Dip Plate
Do this on a pedestal cake plate in decreasing cocentric circles-beautiful! Christmasy colors!

Layer 1: Cream together 3 oz. cream cheese, 2 TB. mayo,(Best Foods), 1 TB. lemon juice.  Spread in a large circle over plate, edges slightly higher.

Layer 2:  4 oz. chilie sauce, chunky style.  Spread over cheese, coming to w/in 1/2" of edge of cheese.

Layer 3:  6 oz. can crab. Drain, rinse w/ water, drain.  Flake this over chili, coming to edge.

Layer 4:  1/2 bunch fresth parseley.  Chop fine and sprinkle over crab almost crab's edge.

Chill.  Serve w/ Tricuits or Wheat Thins  (from Ginny Parker)

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