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01 Opal

Update received November 2012A heartfelt thanks goes out to you and your foster families for continuing to care for these amazing dogs! You have brought so much happiness into the lives of so many people and animals. Rosie is such a blessing! Her temperament has continued to be calm and gentle.


Attached are a few recent pictures:

-She loves sitting on the dock and swimming at my parents cabin.

-One of her favorite spots in the house is in front of the fireplace or lying in the sun like a cat. We think this is pretty funny since she is part Husky.

-Another favorite place in the house is under my desk. She has loved that spot since she was a puppy and even though she has gotten a lot bigger, she still squeezes in there.

-She has an amazing smile and her legs are so long she doesn't know what to do with them sometimes (as you see in the picture, she usually crosses them like a lady).


She certainly has her mom's Husky face, but her coat is more Lab-like. At her last vet visit in May she was 62 pounds and very healthy. She is still inseparable from her dog sister, Stella, and human sister, Haley. Your organization has given us a wonderful gift of an additional family member and we can't thank you enough!


Update received April 2012: We are so blessed to have had All Dog Rescue bring Rosie (Opal) into our lives! She is in great health and has been a quick learner. She has not had any accidents in weeks and even when she did they were minimal. My husband and I can't remember raising an easier puppy. Rosie is excellent with our daughter and the neighborhood children and is very sociable with other dogs. Rosie and her dog sister Stella are inseparable and love chasing eachother in the yard. She still loves to cuddle and makes the cutest little noises when she sleeps. Rosie has settled into her new forever home wonderfully and we could not imagine our lives without her!
From the beginning All Dog Rescue was great to work with. The foster family was quick to respond back to us and flexible and welcoming to meet with. Our vet commented on how complete the paperwork and documentation was that came with Rosie and what excellent care she was given in her foster home.

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