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ISAIAH 13-23
  1. From what you know of Scripture, what evidence is there that history is going somewhere, and that there is Someone in charge?
  2. How does the geographical location of Palestine reveal God's sovereignty? (see Ezek 5:5)  Why do you think God placed Palestine in the center of the nations?
  3. What advantages and disadvantages might there be for God's people - economically, politically, spiritually - being at the crossroads of civilization?
  4. What does Babylon symbolize in Scripture?
  5. What does Isaiah prophesy will happen on the Day of the Lord?
  6. How do you see Satan at work in the political situations of this world?
  7. If God used Assyria as "a tool to accomplish His purposes," how could he then hold them accountable for that?
  8. What gods do people worship in place of the one true God?
  9. How can Psalm 2 and Acts 4:23-31 give you hope when the international news is not good?
  10. What did Isaiah invite Edom to do?  What was their response?  When you hear this invitation, how will you respond?

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