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02 Warren

August 2012: Riley's mom sent an updated picture of her handsom pup!

Update received June 2012: I thought you would like this (long overdue) update on Warren/Riley!

Riley just finished Level 1 Obedience last Monday, June 4. We took it with Amy, who was also his puppy class trainer. He LOVES her and learned everything super fast. He was the winner in the "Who can hold a Stay the longest" exercise on the last class! Riley will be starting Flyball classes as something to do for fun. The photo of him on the blue flooring is from "Watch me!" in class - his expression is always very intense. That's the most recent photo of the bunch.

Riley and Sawyer (also an All Dog alum!) are buddies. Sawyer had some initial jealousy when he realized that Riley was staying with us and was not a foster dog! Riley shadows Sawyer in everything he does, which is so cute. Riley would love to snuggle with Sawyer all the time, but Sawyer is way too cool for that and always moves a little bit away. Riley thinks everyone is a new friend, person or dog. He met my friend's cat and was both fascinated and terrified by her, and the cat wasn't even moving! He's great in the car, his crate, on walks, at other people's houses, etc. His favorite treat is a carrot, and he will turn down anything else (including cheese or meat) for one. We get him baby carrots for everyday (thanks, Costco!) and then he gets a whole big carrot (frozen) once in awhile. That's pretty much the best day ever for him when we hand him one of those. Sawyer could care less about carrots and always has a look of disbelief when Riley runs off with one. He gets some of his food in a Buster Cube and is highly entertaining as he works to get the food out of it. Sometimes if he's walking by the Cube he'll casually smack it around with his paw to double check there isn't anything in there.

Riley has a multitude of nicknames, toys, special napping spots, his favorite raw bone, and is shaping up to be a great little guy. He's really sweet and hasn't gotten into much trouble. He doesn't get into things he shouldn't, he listens well, and responds to praise (and treats) so training is a breeze! I'm contemplating Level 2 and possibly Therapy classes with him when he gets a little older.

Thanks to All Dog, Red Lake/Karen Good, and Shelley for getting Riley Roo to us!!

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