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2012.04.15 BOD Meeting Minutes

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
December 29, 2008
4:00 PM
Red Cliffs Lodge
Mount Hood, OR


A quorum of Board members being present, the meeting was called to order at 4:05PM. Board members present: Robert Reilly, Jim Wolfson, Greg Bard. Tom O'Neill and Patrick Patterson via teleconference. Guest present: Lindsay Carr/KCA


M/S/P to approve the minutes of the Board meeting on October 22, 2008.


Greg will examine and discuss the financials in the KCA offices with Lindsay and the KCA accounting manager on Friday, 12/30 at 2:30PM.
OLD business

Developer Report

The Bylin snowmelt system installed on the Building 1 sloped roof portion along the driveway and the stairway exit on the meadow is working well.
The final Certificates of Occupancy for every MS unit have been granted by Alpine County.
There are a few problems with the heating units in Building 2. They are under warranty and the developer will get them fixed.
Developer recorded the Notice of Final Completion with Alpine County a few weeks ago.
Developer will pay the MS HOA $35k (allotted for building the spa) no later than the end of January.
Landscaping is complete. There are a few open items with the Public Works Department regarding irrigation maintenance that the Developer is addressing.
A structural engineering firm has been engaged by the Developer to draw up plans for a walkway shelter for Building 2 on the creek side of the building.
Discussion on eliminating the sewer gas smells from the drain in the floor of the owners ski locker room. The property manager will propose a solution after talking with plumber Mike McMines.
Building 1 first floor toilets continue to have intermittent overflows. The Board authorizes the property manager to contract with a plumbing firm to run a snake with a camera on the end, from one of the overflowing toilets through the plumbing line to the street to diagnose problems with the flow.

Rules and Regulations
The recently completed MS Rules and Regulations have been distributed to the owners. Robert is proposing discussion of same at the 2006 Annual Meeting.
The Rules exclude access to the ski locker room by renters and overnight lodging guests. Therefore, the Board approved using the storage room in the garage as a ski/board tuning and storage space. The property manager will install pegs and purchase a workbench and tuning tools for the room.

Garage Door
The new garage door is fully operational. Jim Reilly is working with Design Mechanical to put up a sound-dampening shroud.

Homeowners Club- Reservations Policy
The Board will request that the Rules and Regulations Committee draft the Club reservations policy.

Energy Report
Greg reported that the hot water pumps can be put on a duty cycle and still deliver hot water on demand. Greg contacted the Yamas company and requested a proposal for implementing duty cycling. The report has not yet been delivered.
The gas fireplaces in the units do not have blowers on them. The property manager will solicit bids for blowers.
The driveway apron adjacent to Kirkwood Meadows Drive has a snowmelt system that was turned down to conserve energy. Snowpack will be monitored by the property manager to determine whether the system has to be turned up to keep that parking area accessible.

Boot Warmers
Jim, Greg and Robert will investigate where boot warmers should be placed.
The Board instructs the property manager to install two louvered vents (one upper and one lower) on each of the ski lockers to provide a convective flow through the lockers.

Snow Removal/Storage
The property manager needs to add the stairs leading to the meadow on Building 1 to the routine snow shoveling list because these stairs are a fire egress.
Property manager is to place hangers for two of the six snow shovels purchased for MS use, on the wall in the alcove off the Building 1 upper parking pad.

Luggage Wagons
The four wagons purchased by Robert have been assembled and will be put in use when the corner guards are installed. The corner guards are on order.

Storage, Striping and Signs
The property manager needs to finish installing the parking signs, and install the eye bolts in the garage to secure two wagons.

Insurance Policy Coverage Levels
The property manager has not yet requested a building valuation analysis from the insurance provider. This needs to be done.

Approval of 301/302 Hallway Improvements
M/S/P by the Board to approve the ski storage/shelving units installed outside of units 301 and 302.

Because of ongoing confusion as to parking space ownership and rights, the Board suggesting stenciling the unit numbers on the wall at the front of the parking spaces. The property manager will solicit bids for the Board. Also, the Board will begin work on developing a parking enforcement policy with a fine structure for infractions.

M/S/P by the Board to have the property manager install cable service for the televisions in the workout room. Property manager also to work on how to get TV in the lounge portion of the owners club.


Date of Annual Homeowners Meeting
The annual meeting will be held on Saturday, April 8th at 3:00PM.

Review ?Rental Rules? including Collections of ?Tax?
Regarding the rental of the Owners Club, the Board will address developing a policy and fee structure. Robert and Lindsay will pursue the collection of rental tax as approved in the Amendment to the CC&R?s, and commencing as of the date of HOA approval of the Amendment. The plan is :
1. The property manager will send out a letter to owners asking them to self-report their earnings and pay the tax owed to the HOA
2. Set up a separate line item in the P&L statement to account for rental tax collected.
3. Have, by April, 2006, a list of reported rental income and taxes paid, and have this report available to all owners.

Next BOARD Meeting

The Board meeting will immediately follow the Annual Meeting on April 8th.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:35PM..

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