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07 Princess

April 2012: Princess' family sent in some of their favorite captioned pictures of their Princess!

Update Received December 2012: Just wanted to share a few pics of Princess at her first family Christmas :) She got to play with her dog "cousin" Tinkerbell, and the little kids just loved how sweet and kissy she was! Her tail has healed up from that little episode of chewing she had a few weeks ago and we haven't had any more problems with that, so hopefully it was just a one-time thing. She still doesn't love the cold, but she's having a lot more fun with the snow-- she's always munching on it, and recently she started rolling around and trying to make snow angels in the yard! When I saw how much she liked crunching on the icy snow, I started giving her ice cubes for a treat, which she just loooooves!

Update Received October 2012: I found this photo of her on my phone, I took it a few weeks ago. It's pretty funny! A daily scene in our house these days. That's Greg's arm off to the side. She sleeps with us most nights, and usually tries to take up at least 3/4 of the bed! She's still the sweetest girl in the world... she does NOT like the cold though! We got her a sweater and some booties which helps a bit, and her own people-sized comforter, but she's definitely a warm-weather kind of dog. I'm curious to see how she reacts to snow :)

Update Received August 2012: Well Princess has officially been with us for over a month! And yeah, we're still calling her Princess... she certainly gets spoiled like one :)  She's been an absolute dream of a dog-- we stopped kenneling her after the third day because she was so well behaved in the house. She's put on a few pounds and is now at 50, so we're trying to keep her right there. Greg has been home with her most days during his break between semesters, so she and him are thick as thieves. She's pretty much become his shadow!  She's so well behaved and gentle around strangers and little kids, we're considering taking her through the training to become a certified therapy dog. We couldn't be happier with our girl. Thank you again!

July 2012 - Princess' new family sent an update after her first night in her new home: Just wanted to let you know that Princess' first night in her new home went very well. She seems to like her bed, and she hasn't shown any loss of appetite or had any accidents. She's been very sweet and loving-- and gets super excited to go on her walks! She got a little scared by the thunder and lightning last night, and she came straight into our room and climbed into bed with us. So hopefully that means she feels safe and comfy with us :) She's still a little uncertain about the yard, I don't think she really sees it as hers yet, so I have to walk around it with her for now. We saw a few other dogs at the park today and she was well behaved. Thank you again-- we are so happy to have her with us!

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