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07 Hank

Update Received December 2013: It has been a while but I wanted to give you an update. Django has been doing great. We have a new house and he loves being the man of the house. He also loves being a big brother. That's right he has a sister Piper. We have a chocolate lab puppy now as well. They love playing together. Between playing, wrestling, and their walks these two can't get much cuter. They love hogging the bed while we sleep but it's great. We are ready for our second Christmas and again one of Django's favorite thing is playing in the snow. He does not like car rides as much because he can't sit in our laps but he gets the back seat with Piper.

Update Received December 2012: His first time with seeing snow and playing in it he LOVED it. We can't get him inside she he is playing outside in the snow. He still enjoys the dog park when we go and has lots of friends when we go there. We found out he is a shredder. He loves shredding the ropes, and toys we get him. Our first Christmas with him was great! He is amazing and a bundle of joy to have around. He sleeps with us and takes up a lot of space in bed because he thinks its his bed. Other than that things are all well. I will attach some pictures.


Update Received October 2012: I just wanted to send you an update on how Django is doing. He is doing very well. We take him to a dog park in Victoria every weekend as well as the week days. He absolutely loves it there. He is getting a lot of socialization when we are there as well. He tends to go towards the smaller dogs but will go to a bigger dog once he is use to them. He is now a little over 40 pounds so he is doing great. He is fully potty trained which is awesome and I would like to add that he did not have any accidents in the house. We are going to go to a Halloween party at the dog park where they can dress up in costumes. I am really excited. We have a superman costume for him to wear. He also has pj's that have a skeleton on them. He is very cute!!!! Other than that things are going really well here.

August 2012 - Django's new family sent his foster mom an update: Django (the D is silent so it is Jango like Rango) is great. We are so happy and 100% in love with him. He is doing great and getting to know the house really well. He is doing well on his potty training as well. He has mastered fetch which is very fun to watch and see how excited he gets. We walk him 2 times a day and he LOVES his walks!!!! We took him up to our summer cabin which is on a lake and he did pretty well with swimming in a lake that big. He had his life vest for a little bit and then we tried it without his vest and he did just as good. Saturday we are taking him to the vet for his shots and I weighed him at home the other day and he was 30 pounds, so a little smaller than his brother but doing very well. I will upload some pictures for you that I think are priceless and describe his personality to the T! I hope you like the pictures and I can not thank you enough for this little guy!

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