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05 Max

August 2012: Matt and I wanted to get in touch with you and give you an update on Max and send some pictures along of what we've been up to! Like all dog owners, we could go on and on but we'll try to hit the highlights. We finished the training classes a while back and they went well. We learned a lot and are still working on the commands every day. We hope to sign up for the next set of classes soon.

We've been walking and running Max on a daily basis...have not cured the pulling on a leash but the harness has worked well and allows for longer walks and less frustration! :) The month of June Max traveled with us every weekend - to Duluth, a bike trip to Grand Rapids, MN where we stayed at a family cabin and Green Bay, WI. We took him to Gooseberry Falls near Duluth with Matt's Grandma and parents...he was great around other dogs, people and even stayed still to pose for a number of pictures! When we were in Green Bay, WI, Max got the opportunity to play with (3) other black labs. Two were little puppies and one was about one year old. It was a great experience and they all ran around the backyard fetching a tennis ball and playing in a creek! We had Max off leash after a little while and called him back to sit and down in between playing to keep him calm and engaged. It was awesome!

At the cabin in Grand Rapids, we stayed on lake. We think it may have been the first time Max has ever swam...he didnt exactly enjoy swimming but loved splashing around in the lake and retrieving the tennis ball. Just last week we went backpacking in the Porcupine Mountains in MI and took Max with us! He loved it! He had his own backpack to carry his food which he was excited about putting on every morning. We hiked about 35 miles in 4 days and spent the entire time outside or in the tent. He kept himself busy chasing chipmunks (he got one and then let it go!), rolling in the dirt and digging a soft spot in the dirt to lay. It was neat to see him in his natural environment.

We are so happy with our choice to adopt Max and as a bonus all of our families and friends adore him. Thanks again for everything!

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