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08 Herbie

Update Received November 2013:  I wanted to send an update on Herbie. Again we want to thank you for allowing us to choose and adopt him. He truly needed a good place to call home.

We adopted Herbie in August of 2012. He was a bit of a challenge at first, it was just a matter of a few weeks and he was beginning to show us who was "in charge". We trained him to go to the door when he needs to go out. For about the first 4 months we had him, he never barked. We could not believe just how quiet he was! WAS being the word. As he became more adjusted and knew that he was not going anywhere, when he sees us pull into the driveway, he barks like crazy, runs for his toys and is so playful. So unlike that first couple months.

Herbie is so good with everyone that comes to visit and anyone he sees on the street, he wants to go say "HI" We entered Herbie for Pet of the week on our local radio station and he WON! It was awesome. He won lots of goodies. Along the way we have found out that Herbie suffers from allergies and this Fall was especially tough for him, he had some itchy skin and just could not relax. We also found out that Herbie has a severly damaged ear drum, so much that it is almost gone, we do believe he is deaf, or at least can only hear certain tones/sounds. No matter, he has proven to be such an amazing dog. His personality is that of no other dog I have ever met or had.

We have a lake place the he enjoys in the summer and has made friends with everyone there as well. We recently sold our house that he became to know as home and lived with our parents for a month, he did amazingly well with the transition. We have since moved into our new home and he is truly the king here! He has a front window with his own bench to sit on so he can watch what is going on outside. In fact if the blind is down or the draw string is in his way, he moves it out of the way! Herbie also likes to take his toys with him on his walks, we take that opportunity to play catch with him. I think one of his funniest things is in the winter (he seems to love the snow), he goes outside, literally throws himself into the snow and makes snow angels! If that is what it is called with a dog. Herbie is very "scheduled" he knows exactly when it is time to eat, when he gets treats, when it is time to get up so he can go outside, he stands by you and licks your arm or hand until you get up!

We feel very blessed that he had such great care before we met him and were able to bring him to our family. He has been a great addition to our lives.

Update Received August 2013:  Herbie has been with us about a year now. He goes to the lake every weekend and loves it! He enjoys bonfires with our friends. We just moved out of our home and he did really well, although we think he may have been depressed wondering where he was going now. We are currently living with family while our new house is being built, and he is doing AMAZING!

Here’s what Herbie has to say about his life: “Grandma and Grandpa spoil me with walks every day and bits of steak and chicken with my dinner. I am right at home! We will be moving into our new home in two weeks, I anticipate that it will go great, I am excited to see my new home with my family! If you don't know me, I have a personality like no other! As long as I know where everyone is, I am relaxed and content. I have a very playful side as well, the first thing I do when my family gets home is run for the toy basket! I love any toy that squeaks – if there is no squeaker, forget it!! I am very happy! And such a good boy, that's what my family says anyway!!”

Update Received September 2012: When Herbie came to us, he had to adjust as we expected. He is finally settling into a routine. He tends to be a little stubborn about going outside, but is getting better every day. He loves attention and to play. he likes to know where everyone is all the time. I think one of our favorite things is that he sits in the kitchen window on the chair when we leave and seems to be there when we get home. He really is a good dog and just needed a family to love him and have the patience he needs to get used to a home. He is doing very well as an only dog, not afraid of anything, he loves people and is doing just great. We really are glad we called on him!

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