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06 Fergie

October 2012:  Last summer (June of 2012), we adopted a shepard mix named Fergie. Just wanted to send you a picture of her (Kahlia) and me now. She is about 1.5 years old and weighs about 60-70 lbs! She is doing great!! She is such a joy to me and my family every day and we are so grateful for the opportunity to have adopted her from All Dog Rescue. She has grown into such a beautiful dog and is almost perfect (except for the occasional shoe/slipper/sock/etc. she seems to get her paws on!)

September 2012: We adopted Kahlia from All Dog Rescue in June, 2012. She is a shepard mix and was approximately 12 weeks when we adopted her. She is now close to 6 months old and is thriving at our house! She especially enjoys walks and loves to chew on/carry her leash when walking. She is a very good natured dog, playful at times and mellow too. She has had no health problems and potty training went famously. She does real well in her kennel at night and has adjusted to longer days in the kennel since the kids went back to school. She is a GREAT addition to our family and we are loving her!! Attached is a picture of her with our 11 year old daughter who absolutely loves her and a picture of her lying on our entryway bench. Her leash hangs on a hook just above her and she has taken to sitting/lying on the bench to be closer to the leash. She LOVES her walks!! Thank you for the opportunity to give her a good home. We love her!!

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