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09 Kaycee

Update Received January 2013:  Our sweet Shiloh is 6 months old now and has adjusted beautifully to her new home! She is a very gentle, loving and happy puppy. Shiloh was quite timid when she came to us in Sept., but is doing much better now. We entertained a lot this past fall and through the holidays, and although Shiloh is still a little shy around people she is gaining confidence every day. Christmas was especially fun, where she learned that guests bring her toys, and there is wrapping paper all over the house to rip up.

She has a sweet but playful disposition and loves other dogs. We bring her to Dakota Woods dog park quite often where all the other dogs love playing with her. She did very well in her puppy kindergarten class, where she won the award for “best trick”. She shakes hands (paws), among other tricks. ...She’s very smart, but of course all my dogs have been geniuses.

Shiloh and Dixie have become best of friends. Dixie treats her like her baby, giving her a bath - ears, face and tummy every morning. Dixie is a well mannered dog and sets a great example for Shiloh, teaching her to have a gentle mouth, basic manners, and squirrel hunting. Now that Shiloh is getting bigger, she can almost keep up with Dixie. They have a blast together running through the woods on our property.

We love our dogs dearly, and are very lucky for every minute we have with them. Paul and I can’t thank everyone at All Dog Rescue enough for all the effort you put into saving, fostering and finding forever homes for these wonderful dogs!

Update Received September 2012: Our first week with Shiloh has been wonderful! It’s been fun getting to know her, she is absolutely adorable and quite a character. She is very, very coordinated and athletic. A baby gate to keep her off the carpet is useless as that tiny baby can jump right over it! She is a very fast learner and already knows how to sit and come when called, and is doing great with house training. She also loves chasing a ball and fetching. We see a future Frisbee champ in Shiloh!

Shiloh is winning Dixie over as well. Dixie likes snuggling with Shiloh, and just being near her. Shiloh sleeps in her kennel at night, then early morning she spends another hour or so cuddling in bed with Dixie, Paul and me, ...which we all love.

Shiloh has been such a joy! Thank you so much to everyone at All Dog Rescue for all you do to help these sweet dogs find forever homes, and the many families, like us, that are lucky enough to bring these amazing dogs home and into our families.

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