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09 Gabby


Update Received October 2012: Gabby has become a much loved member of the family. Last week when she came to work with me for her last immunizations Sydney was thoroughly miserable and was all over her when she got back, they are pretty much inseparable now. She continues to grow and thrive, her coat is so thick and soft she is like a little bear and she likes nothing better than cuddles on my lap, although it won't be long before she's too big for that! There has been much debate about her various genetic components, almost certain that there is an old grandpa or grandma Chow in there, she has a black spot under her tongue and those ears! As to the other.... border collie, some sort of shepherd, black lab? What is agreed is that she is one gorgeous black mutt and she is such an affectionate and enthusiastic girl. Last weekend we took her for her first walk around the lake (4 1/2 miles) and she boinged just about all the way around saying 'Hi" to everyone. She is still the most food motivated dog I have ever met, her time on the dump has ingrained the scavenger mentality so we have to be careful if anyone drops anything, she will dive on it and eat it whether it is edible or not! The up side is that if she knows I have a treat in my pocket she's never far from my side.

Update Received September 2012: Just to let you know Gabby is settling in well, eating like a horse and growing like a tree! She idolizes Sydney who, despite being pestered constantly, is I think secretly enjoying all the attention (not so sure about the competition for food though, seriously we could have renamed Gabby "Dyson") Have attached some pictures for you of our baby :).

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