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09 Kelcie

Update Received December 2013: Keeley is 18mos old now and has grown up into a fantastic 42lb dog - fun, super-healthy, obedient, cuddly and social - in short, we are amazed at what a fantastic family pet she has become! Keeley is a real beauty with white teeth, glossy coat, bright eyes, and long, long legs - and in addition to the curly tail, she has developed faint "Husky" markings on her shoulders in a light cocoa brown! She is a real 'team player' and is willing to try anything new, if it's gently introduced. She loves to go to the dog park and daycare to run & play with other dogs, but then is suuuuper mellow at home, napping on the couch with any willing cuddlers, and sleeping in late on Saturday mornings! She is so "in control" of her functions (not one accident!!) that we felt confident to replace our whole-house carpet this fall! Keeley has overcome her fear of humans, and is super-friendly with anyone, if they give her a few minutes to "check them out" first! She is all about high-energy precision in obedience, and has completed training all the way through intermediate-advanced (won the blue ribbon in Intermediate obedience), and passed her AKC Canine Good Citizenship Certificate with flying colors this summer, just before turning 1 year old. She has done an bit of agility training, and now we are beginning command-training for skijoring, as we are waiting for her new snow boots to arrive in the mail! The Husky in her loves to be outdoors in the snow, but her fine GSP coat means wearing lots and lots of layers. But we know the sport is in her blood: a team of Husky/GSP crosses currently holds the world championship in Sprint Mushing. Go Team Keeley!!

Update Received October 2012: I have been a busy puppy! Last week my Husky friend Bud came over for two whole days! I like to stand on my haunches and put my paws around his neck and cuddle him, because I love him sooo much. I also get to run around every day with my next door neighbor, Piper the Puggle - boy, am I tired after that speedway! This week I got to go twice to Wagging Tails, the fun doggie daycare that Bud and Piper go to - it was SO FUN! I stay in the office where they have a luxurious pooch couch, and 'wrastle' with Frank, the Pug puppy until we both pass out from exhaustion. In a few weeks, when I have all my vaccinations, the people will take me into one of the play rooms, where the big dogs have fun together - I can't wait! My mom takes me to lots of different friends homes where they have cranky old yappy dogs that snarl and snap at me, but I don't give up, and soon enough they want to play with me, too!

I am all done with pee pads!! I go outside to potty now, and haven't had an accident in a week! I am so smart, I am learning how to use a Tell Bell to let everyone know when I need to potty - I've even rung the bell twice by myself already! I also know how to "sit" now, and wait for someone to throw the ball or stick. But my FAVORITE place to play is still in the bathtub, whether there is water in it, or not - I just jump right in by myself and play with my tub toys whenever I am feeling frisky!

I have some exciting news: I am going to Puppy Kindergarten at Tails Up, starting on Oct 18. If I am a good dog and work hard at learning, they might let me do Puppy Agility classes right after that - YAY!!!!! Look out world - I am going to be a Champ!

I am beginning to see that my crate is my 'safehouse', and I go there for up to an hour a day to nap while mom works and runs errands. But don't leave me there too long, or I will think you forgot me, and will jabber-talk & bay to remind you where I am!

I am not a tiny puppy anymore - in fact, I've gained five pounds since you saw me last - I weigh more than 20lbs now. And even though Mom says she's tired of hauling my chunky butt around, I still like her to pick me up & cuddle me, so I can sniffy nose & kiss her up close. I've included some pictures so you can see what a big puppy I am now!

Update Received September 2012: My name is Keeley and I found my forever home this week! My new mom & dad say that I am smart as a whip, and am making great progress with potty and crate training, with almost no accidents. I am still a little scared to go outside because cars and airplanes and trucks make so much noise - but I love to dig a hole, and watch the birds, and sniff the flowers in the garden, and today I chased my first squirrel - SO EXCITING!!!

I am quite an accomplished jumper, and the first thing I did at my new home was jump right over a 24" baby gate, soooo - new 36" gates were installed, and I HELPED (see video)!! My mom & dad say that the next home movie will be called "The Lambshank Redemption" and will be all about how I secretly unscrew the tension bars on the gate while they are out of the room, and hide my progress with a squeaky toy, until the day I make my big escape - into the living room. They are already talking about Agility Training for me - that sounds like FUN!! I love to practice my freestyle stroke in the tiny swimming pool mom fills in the floor of the shower, and the first time dad took a bath, I jumped right in with him (I could tell he needed a bath buddy) - now they call me the Furry Bath Bomb!

I am still too little to go to the members-only dog park in Eagan, but until I get all my vaccinations, my new BFF 'Bud' (a rescue husky mix) comes over twice a week to teach me doggie etiquette, play and scramble, and 'watch my back' while I nap. My favorite toy is Golf Ball, who maddens me by evading my chase & pounce: when I finally catch him, after a few minutes of "kitchen pinball", I punish him for resisting arrest by throwing him into my dog nest and jumping on him.

I had my first vet appointment this week, and, after the treats & tummy rubs, it was such a snooze I napped through both vaccinations and nail trim. Before I dozed off though, I heard the vet say I am a very healthy dog, and was super lucky to have such an awesome foster mom who fed me premium kibble and snacks, worked on socializing me, and sent me home with a blankie that I sleep with every night.

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