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My Mission Statement

Christina Carr

Professor Schaffer

Service Leadership

12 November 2002


Reflection Paper #3 – My Mission Statement



I hope to live a life worthy of the infinite blessings bestowed on me.


I hope to live a life worthy of all those lives lost that I might live in freedom.


 I hope my faith, my family, and my career will always be in that order, not forgetting my personal pursuits, other relationships, and life purpose.  I hope to always keep my priorities straight.  I hope to continue to grow in my faith, be a good wife and mother, and have a successful career, while still growing my own personal pursuits, maintaining healthy relationships with my other family members and friends, and continually seeking my life purpose.


I hope I continue to grow in my faith, challenging Aaron in his, while being challenged by him in mine.  I hope we are ready to teach our children about our faith.  I hope I always set aside time for God, and strive to put Him first.  I hope to be involved and serve in our church, perhaps teaching Sunday school again. 


I hope I never put my career above my family in any decision-making.  I hope that marrying Aaron will be the best decision I ever make.  I hope I am able to put his needs and desires above my own.  I hope I will have a servant heart for him, as he will have for me.  I hope I am given extra patience for my children. 


I hope to make a difference with my career.  I hope to have a job where I can have input, where I feel valued.  I hope to eventually work in a job where I am giving back to the community and making an impact somehow.  I hope to be a servant leader, one that is respected and admired.  I hope to use the things I’ve learned during my four years here at Pepperdine. 


I hope to still make time for my own personal pursuits.  I hope to learn how to play the violin, to be an adventurous cook, to read for fun, to learn how to fish and ride dirt bikes with Aaron, to be a better horse rider, to sew better, and keep scrap booking.  I hope to travel more later on when we can afford it and to go to Heidelberg for the 10-year reunion.


After I’m married, I hope to still have girl time with my friends, sisters, mom, and mother-in-law.  While getting married changes my priorities in relationships, I hope not to forget old friends.  


I hope to continually seek out my life purpose, my calling in life.  I hope to one day realize what that is whether it be that of a wife and mother, or a part of something that impacts many. 


Lastly, I hope to never forget that there is a whole world out there, a world full of people who have not been given what I have been given.  I hope to never take for granted the blessings in my life.  I hope to in turn bless others with the blessings that I have been given.  I hope to always be thankful, not envious.  I hope to be content.  I hope to live a full life.  I hope to hear those two magic words when I reach Heaven, “Well Done”.

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Mar 7, 2007  ( 2 comments )  
Kathy Carr (kathy)
You're doing so well in keeping and fulfilling the goals you set forth 5 years ago!!! "Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity."  I Tim.4:12-Love, Mom
Monica Galvan (monica)
Wow!  So intense!  So, neat to look back on this.  How beautiful.  keep it up.  It's crazy how your doing so much of it.  It was really neat to read.
Mar 9, 2007  ( 2 comments )  
Richard Carr (richard)
This is awesome that you were able to find this paper and awesome that you're doing so well.  Let's help one another run our races for the "Well Done" at the end.
Tom Carr (penpaint)
This is wonderful! Your parents must be very proud of you!
We hope for all that you hope for, and we are very thankful the God shred you with us!
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