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Update Received October 2012: Dear All Dog Rescue, We adopted Sagan almost one month ago, and I can't remember what our home was like before him! He has settled into our lifestyle well and snuggled his way into our hearts. My sister and her dog live with us, so it was important to us that Sagan get along with the resident dog. They could not love each other more! I think the best part of Sagan's day is when I let him out of his crate in the morning, after he's gone all night without seeing his cousin, and they run around the backyard together. You would think they hadn't seen each other in months!

Here are some other highlights of his life so far:

  • He gives me a ride to work once or twice a week (Dad helps him reach the pedals) and my coworkers love seeing him! They often ask me, "Will Sagan be here tomorrow?!" I think he likes coming to my work, because my coworkers always give him a new toy when he comes in.
  • He kisses by pressing his nose against you. It melts my heart every single time.
  • His potty training has been progressing nicely. We are so impressed with how quickly he picks up on commands.
  • He lets me dress him up in a referee shirt when the Minnesota Vikings play.
  • He likes to be near us, so he occasionally jumps in the shower with us. He quickly remembers that he doesn't like that, and jumps out right away.
  • Two days after we adopted him, we had a professional photographer come over and take pictures of him. He has already grown so much in the last few weeks, I appreciate the reminder of how little he was when we adopted him!
  • We had planned on making him sleep in his crate every night. That lasted for about two nights, now he sleeps right between me and my husband! It's hard to wake up on the "wrong side of the bed" when I wake up to snuggles from our puppy.

I have attached some photos of his life with us (enjoying naptime, in his "rufferee" shirt, playing with his cousin, and a couple photos from our professional session). We love him so much, and cannot express our gratitude to All Dog Rescue for caring for him until we could adopt him. A special thanks to Linda for fostering him and being so available with any questions we have. We look forward to spending years with Sagan. He is a part of our family, and feel so blessed that we are able to provide his Forever Home.

Love, Elizabeth and Jared

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