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Centerpiece Ideas
An idea that works well for tall modern arrangements is to submerge the whole flower in water. This can be tried with tulips, roses and cymbidium orchids. The water will start to cloud after a day or two so don't prepare them too long in advance.
A Sinking Solution—Did you know that many cut flowers can thrive under water? That’s right—totally submerged! Tulips certainly can. (So can lilies.) One flower per case is usually most attractive. To display a cut tulip under water, select a tall clear vase, then cut the tulip’s stem to a length which allows the whole flower and stem to fit within the vase. To hold the flower upright and under water, weigh down the stem base by wrapping a metal band around it or tying on a stone or fishing sinker with wire. Carefully lower the flower stem first into the vase. Hold the vase at an angle and slowly add cool clean water until the vase is filled. The bloom will last for up to a week in cold clean water.
As guests left the reception, they were treated to a “Sweet Dreams” table. Guests could fill tiny satin bags with pink and white candies displayed in glass containers.

Creating a base for the bamboo and lanterns were low, lush floral arrangements filled with red, burgundy, and fuchsia flowers, including black magic roses, hydrangeas, Vanda orchids, and tall red gloriosa lilies.

Each table was topped with a different kind of centerpiece, varying high and low. “My favorite flowers were the fluorescent gerbera daisies,” Kelly says.
The tables were covered with vases containing iridescent marbles and silk pink roses.
I really like the clear marble things in this pix, then with black and pink ribbon, and the roses actually look pretty good, really full.  would this idea work in the big jars we have??-monica
Teresa asked that her florist incorporate orchids, roses, hydrangeas, and sweet peas into the flower arrangements, and her florist did just that. At each table was a square glass vase full of pink and cream roses, hydrangeas, dahlias, and orchids. The inside of each vase was lined with banana leaves and there was a pink grosgrain ribbon fastened to the outside. Surrounding each centerpiece were three small bowls with single floating dahlias or orchids and votive candles.

Theresa didn‘t want stuffy, ultra-elaborate centerpieces, so she had the florist mix elegant peonies with more casual gerbera daisies in low arrangements; the square centerpiece pots echoed the square dinner tables.

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