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11 Stella

Update Received November 2012:  Things are going great here!  Actually, I should tell you we decided to change Stella's name.  We call her Meiko (Mee-Ko).  Since she in half Chow Chow and half Shiba Inu we gave her a name from both backgrounds.  "Mei" in Chinese means little sister and "Ko" in Japanese means child.   She is a quick learner as she seems to answer to her new name already! 


Diesel and Meiko are getting along great.  Diesel seems to really like having another canine in the house and Meiko is such a sweetie as you know.  She does play well with him, more often being the dominant dog, and when she is done she simply walks away and comes to the nearest human family member for snuggling, which we all really love to do.  


She has been really good on walks.  So far no real pulling or lunging at small furry things.  We have only taken them on walks so far so she would really feel bonded to us before we venture out to the dog park.  She is eating well and both her and Diesel show no signs of food aggression.  In fact, they both eat from each others bowls.  I think they think the other one has something special in their food dish.  


We all feel really lucky to have her in our lives!  Thank you for taking such good care of her.  Here is a picture for you to enjoy. 

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