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12 Garbo

December 2012: Today marks one full week with Garbo and it's WONDERFUL! Garbo was as you said, very timid at first. After 4 days she was finally wagging her tail and showing us that she is happy here. Our KatyKat appears to love Garbo too, she is so comfortable with her that she walks under her belly! Tony is getting along very well with Garbo though they need to settle down while playing. They get too rowdy and Tony gets his feelings hurt and he sulks off. I'm sure given a couple more weeks they will figure it out. Garbo has learned to "do her business" every morning at 5:00, breakfast afterward, a snackie, and then it's nap time until 3:45 when Mom gets home. We haven't had any problems with chewed walls, window sills, shoes, etc... and she rarely barks. She's learning to be a bit more graceful on the stairs by taking one at a time rather than 8!!! She has yet to venture down to the basement and while she does go into our bedroom, she won't stay. She would rather sleep on the sofa which Greg is happy about, but I would prefer her to sleep at my feet, on the bed.

We have enrolled Garbo in Katie K9's obedience school which begins in Jan. Garbo has figured out who's the resident cook around here, she's either following me around the kitchen or laying on the sofa watching. So, thank you... I'm a firm believer in things happening for a reason! Garbo was meant for our family! I've attached a family photo from last night, before Garbo became camera shy!!!

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