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ISAIAH 32-35
  1. As you read or watch the news, which trends and predictions cause you concern and anxiety?
  2. How might negative trends be translated into opportunities for the body of Christ locally, nationally, or globally?
  3. What new crises may be precipitated by God's planned future for His people?
  4. What new activities occur in the messianic kingdom?
  5. In what ways is the kingdom of God both "here" and 'yet to come" ?
  6. How can we as Christians begin to anticipate and prepare for the future rather than simply reacting to it when it comes?
Pat's prayer requests:
Make enough time every day for personal study and prayer time.
Turn to the Lord in everything: praises, complaints, wants, needs, concerns for others, anything else...
Guidance in serving the Lord- in church, among other believers outside of church, and wisdom and ability to witness effectively for the Lord.

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