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11 Benji

January 2013:  Benji is doing GREAT!!!!!  It has gone very, very well right from the very beginning.  We feel so lucky to have had him come into our family. 
Benji is so loving and well trained, we haven't had the slightest issue with him.  He is so friendly, he immediately charms everyone he meets.  He sleeps in our beds and has just inserted himself into everything we do.  He seems happy.  And we are very happy.

He and our other dog, Bigsby, have become best buddies.  They are inseperable, and look out for each other whenever they need to.  They like to wrestle, but Benji, despite being significantly larger, never presses his advantage.  They just play.  I am attaching a few photos.  One is just our family christmas card photo, and then a couple photos we took recently when we took both dogs out on the frozen lake to run and play.

Thank you again for choosing us.  We are thrilled with Benji!

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