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I hope people remember

Someday, my time on earth will be over. My 'physical' life will come to an end and I will be born into 'eternal' life.


I wonder about how I will be remembered.


When people think of me, I hope they will remember that I loved God with my whole heart and soul. I hope they will remember that I kept my faith when situations in life blindsided me! I hope they remember that I gave Christianity a shot anyway!  I wasn't perfect. I fell short. But I kept trying.


I forgave.


I loved my enemies.


I prayed for those who persecuted me.


I tried to meet God in every situation.


God invited me to participate in His love and I tried my best to be an expression of that love to the world around me. He did not invite me to participate in His judgment - or his vengeance. I tried to remember that my ways are not HIS ways and my thoughts are not HIS thoughts.


I hope people will forgive me for the times I fell short; for the times my life was not an expression of His love.


I hope people will remember that I tried it HIS way and I don't regret it.

Creation date: Apr 7, 2013 9:02am     Last modified date: Apr 7, 2013 9:19am   Last visit date: May 17, 2022 3:24am
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Apr 7, 2013  ( 2 comments )  
Cher Leadbeater (cherjl)

There is no doubt in my mind that those who know you, know how much you love God. They also know how hard it has been on you during your times of challenge, even if they don't want to admit how hard it has been.

None of us are perfect and we all will fall short. The important thing to God is that we just keep on trying.

In church today, what I heard was, "My light casts out all darkness of disbelief. You are my light, go forth and cast out the darkness of disbelief in your pathway."

I truly believe that you are God's light and you do cast out disbelief. You may not know it and it may not appear that you are  doing that but you are.

Judgement and Vengeance are not for us, and yet, because we are of the world it appears that not matter what we do, we can appear that we are judging in one way or another and sometimes that is construed to be done in vengeance. Sometimes just saying nothing is a way of judging.  It is so very hard to know what God wants us to do and so that is why we try to pray without ceasing so that we can strive to hear his voice guide us to his way and not our way. Our ways are not God's way, but we do have God's words. An instruction book to living our life for him, in him and with him. The problem is, we don't always interpret it correctly and unfortunately, so many theologians who are much smarter than we, all can and do interpret things differently. 

I personally think we complicate things too much

Dee Huber (dgh118)

Huh!  I didn't think I shared this document with anyone!  Did you get a notification?


Not that it matters!  I was just trying to pull some thoughts together. I wasn't actually done thinking it all through! Sometimes, KeepandShare is my 'sounding board!' I was surprised when I got notification that you had commented!


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