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05 King

Update Received May 2013: Today we are celebrating King's one year anniversary of coming home. The day started with sleeping in late (in our bed of course) until 10am-- he is exhausted from his play date yesterday! Anniversary breakfast consisted of a chicken and rice cake topped with plain greek yogurt followed by a long nap. And then we went for a 3 mile walk around the lake by our house. He is one great guy and we love him with all our hearts!!

He had a scary year with some medical problems but he is a happy healthy dog again!! He is also maturing into a very good boy! King has completed obedience training levels one and two from the Humane Society. He listens very well when treats are present. We are working on letting him free roam in the house while we are at work.... he is non destructive and does not have any accidents in the house BUT he does do a little counter surfing from time to time :( We will continue to work on that!! Overall he is an amazing dog and we are so happy to have him in our lives!! We can't thank you enough for rescuing him and fostering him until we found him. He has added infinite joy and happiness to our lives and I think he is quite happy here in our home...

In the pictures with King is his canine sister Kali who was also rescued approximately one year ago. They are best buddies and partners in crime.

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