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Regarding sharing posts on Facebook, Willie L Brown wrote: "I SHARE, BUT I GUESS NO ONE BUT YVONNE EVER EVEN LOOKS AT THEM."

Donna writes: When we post and share the good news of the Kingdom of God, I suppose we all sometimes wonder if people will read them --or if they will just sit in the archives of Facebook. We can be encouraged when we remember how God providentially brings people to truth --at just the right moment.


Some unknown scribe posted events, in the order of their happening, in the chronicles of a king. It would be a routine job for him to write daily in the book of records. His labor in the kingdom was to preserve and document history. One entry in the archives contained a document of truth waiting to be read …

One night King Ahasurerus couldn't sleep. So, He called to have the book of records read to him. At just the right time, he was reminded of the loyalty of Mordecai and how he had exposed a plot to kill him.

As we read in the Book of Esther, we see how God providentially worked. He used that one truthful post to bring about the downfall of wicked Haman and a remarkable victory for the Jews of Persia.

Donna Kupp

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