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01 Sebastian

Update Received January 2014: It's been quite some time since I have updated the amazing experiences we have been having since little Sebastian came to be a part of our family. He has brought new energy and smiles....and even Ranger is falling under his spell. LOL So let me see if I can share just a bit of what it's been like to have this barrel of energy join us!

1. Sebastian is smarter than all of us. And just a titch pig headed. :) He has adapted to our home very quickly and has a tendency to sit back and watch what's going on and all of a sudden he just "gets something". One of the things we require is for the dogs to sit before they eat or get a treat. This was not in Sebastian's repertoire....but through watching Ranger and consistency from us he now sits and waits to get fed and treated. It's a short sit with no stay yet…..but…...One step at a time :) He watches Ranger to learn what he does and catches on really fast.

2. Sebastian can be trusted to come in when we call him from the back may not always be right when we call...but he doesn't hesitate to come up the steps to the deck and come in on his own through the back door. He will go in and out the dog door....if I hold it open for step at a time LOL The hubs has convinced him that coming in through the garage will not kill him....although he needs to have the garage door entirely open...doesn't like low hanging doors…HA! Update…Joe says he will now come in with the door lower as long as he is following Ranger ….

3. He LOVES his big brother Ranger and looks to him to see what is expected. Since Ranger is such a balanced even keeled dog this is really helpful! There is a lot of herding instinct in Sebastian and Ranger is slowly learning to take it in stride...and surprisingly Sebastian is learning to tone it down a bit. We couldn't have stuffed toys when Kobe was alive because he chewed them up. Ranger doesn't so I got some when Kobe passed on....Ranger showed absolutely no interest! Hmmm. Dang. NOW the two boys tease one another with them and chase each other around the house playing keep away. Very heartwarming!

4. Sebastian just can't get close enough when he snuggles.....his head just goes right under my chin and he literally holds himself close with his paws. Love Love Love. He has jumped up on the bed with me but always left to sleep on his bed on the floor....last night he snuggled down next to my legs. Don't know for how long but I woke up to both Ranger and Sebastian in bed with me. :) He now comes to us for pets...and if we ignore him for a bit he steps back...sits down...and stares at us til we are ready to respond. LOL

As you can imagine this little guy has stolen our hearts. We know there will be lots more training as the weather gets better....but there have been so many positive things that have happened already.

Update Received January 2014: Taking special time to spend with our new furbaby Sebastian and our other boy Ranger is paying off....big time. So it's time for an update.....they will come less and less as we all acclimate to the changes that bringing a new adult pup into the family incurs :)

1. Almost a week ago after the hubs took Sebastian out for his early potty walk (he needs to go out about 7 and Ranger gets up and they get fed and walked then at 8:30) Sebastian came back to the bedroom...jumped up on my bed....and showered me with kisses and tail wags. While 7 is way early for me to wake was divine :)

2. Sebastian is consistently coming to me when he is in the fenced yard and I call him to come in when I am standing on the deck....woo hoo!

3. I have discovered he is a fluffer before he lays down....nothing is sacred....blankets old and newer...he has to have everything just right before he finally quits spinning around and will lay down. He has even moved his doggie bed to new places. I keep moving it back and it's been in the same place for about 3 days now. LOL

4. Ranger is using his voice more to keep Sebastian "in line"....they are acclimating to one another.

5. Sebastian likes to chew....shoelaces and things that stick out. Two shoes need new laces....and his toy duck now has one wing. We're learning.

6. He loves the hubs.....follows him around whenever he is around :) I couldn't find him one time and finally went upstairs and Sebastian was laying on his bed. HA!

7. He has gone into the dog toy container ...... removed the ones he likes and has taken them into the other room where we have to watch where we're walking so as to not trip over them.

8. And while the pic of him in his sweater is very is also a very HUGE deal....he trusted me to put the sweater on him....over his head and feet through the holes....then went outside and ran around with it on. And then CAME when I called him....he didn't hold it against me I put it on him....whew!

We are having fun watching him come into his own....showing his loving personality and learning his little quirks. Ranger sticks by me a lot....but then he always did. He has relaxed and is comfortable vegging out when his little brother is around...he isn't worried about him buggin' him....that part is mostly over. We will continue to learn more each day....but I think Sebastian knows he is loved and will be safe here.....and Ranger has a little brother and I see that relationship getting closer each day. One step at a time.

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