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05 Murphy

Update received May 2014: Today is Murphy's adopt-iverisary with us so I thought I'd send you a quick note! Murphy is still quite possibly the most perfect dog on earth. Still gentle, sweet and mellow. He's still incredibly quiet. He'll say a happy 'rowwwell' when he's getting impatient for a walk, and only barks when our daughters bark to him first when they're goofing around. Although we know he'd love a 2nd dog as a buddy, we're still not prepared to have a 2-dog house. But he makes do with our 3 year old cat. They're very good friends and will even share food. Murphy will actually let the cat eat his dog food, even eating out of the same dish at the same time, and they snuggle quite often. It's always cute to see Murphy's tail wag when the cat comes up for some love, happy to see his buddy.


He still tests positive for Lymes disease which will linger forever. We had to have a few more teeth removed this spring and his cracked canines might even have to be pulled someday - but the vet is hoping he can keep them. We're sometimes reminded of his rough past, like when the vet said he must have been a cage chewer as his teeth showed that kind of wear. Heartbreaking to think at some point this sweet guy was caged up, but thankfully those days are way behind him.


So happy adoptiversary to Murphy, and thanks!

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