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05 Jane

 Update Received August 2014: Hello -- it's been a really busy time here with two new family members...but all is going really well. Joey (formerly known as Rocky) is settling in very well; he is just the sweetest boy ever. He has lots of blankets and toys which are the things he loves most. He also really loves sitting on my lap, and while he has some competition for that they are working it out and all are getting along great. Jane continues to make progress with her fitness -- she is now down to 59 lbs so really only needs to lose a couple more. It has made a huge difference in her activity level and the squirrels now have to really move to avoid getting caught. It's so great to see her really enjoy the chase! Attached are a few pictures of Joey enjoying his various beds/blankets and both of them out in the yard with Annie. Thanks again for everything you do for these animals!


Update Received June 2014: It's a month now that Jane has been with me, and I can't say enough great things about her -- she is a wonderful dog and has adjusted completely to her new home and furry siblings. She seems to have decided that it's her job to keep any and all invaders (ie squirrels, chipmunks, etc) out of her yard and so she diligently (and literally) 'points' them out whenever we go outside. In the house her favorite spot is by the picture window in the family room where she has the best view of all that's happening in the backyard. We're making good progress with her fitness program -- just came from a weigh in at the vet and she's down almost 3.5 lbs. Attached are a couple of pictures of her surveying her yard and hanging out with Annie. Thanks again -- I'm so happy to have her and I think she's pretty happy too!


Update Received May 2014 (Jane's first night home): Just wanted to let you know that Jane is just doing great! She has made friends with my cat Jessica which surprised me because Jessie is extremely shy, but she came up to Jane right away and Jane started licking her head, which apparently she loved because she keeps coming back for more. Jack, the other cat isn't so sure -- lots of hissing but no reaction from Jane which is perfect -- he'll get over it. She seems to understand that Betsy is an old lady -- Jane has been very respectful and Betsy has actually shown interest which is really good for her.


All in all it's great -- she's a wonderful dog and I promise I will give her the best life I can. I snapped some pictures of her in the yard (sorry my yard is still looking pretty sad) and napping after a long adoption day!.


Thanks again for all you did for her.

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