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CHIL 2014-15 PreSchool Class

Preschool Class - Room 4

10:40 - 11:40


Students will be introduced to a theme a week (such as shapes, seasons, trees & plants, dinosaurs, sun and moon, weather, holidays etc.) through music, stories, art, pre-writing, motor skills and movement.  We will begin with music and stories then divide up and rotate through three stations:  arts & crafts, motor skills and pre-writing development.


10:40 11:05 11:15 11:25 11:35 11:40
Songs & Books             Station 1                             Station 2                   Station 3                    Closing                End


Holidays are 10/13/14, 11/10/14 and 2/16/15



Date Letter/Theme Books Songs Art Station Pre-Writing Station Motor Skills Station


Memphis's week 4 books

Flower fingerplays 

Bop until you drop

Muffin cup flowers 

p101-102 (shapes)

p21-22 (#1) 

Wooden blocks & Lincoln Logs
9/15 Trees M's week 5 books

Apple tree fingerplay

Leap like a frog

Days of the Week 

Trace arm for trunk and branches
and use do a dot markers for leaves

p103-104 (shapes) 

p39 (#2)

p37 (lines)

Zoob & playstix 

9/22 Shapes M's week 6 books

the way we do it

sing through the year 

Stick shapes 

p15 (triangles)

p64 (#3)


Pattern blocks
9/29 Dinosaurs

How does a Dinosaur...

ABC Dinosaur 

We are the Dinosaurs marching

Days of the Week

The Freeze

Dinosaur fingerprint creations

p81-82 (#4 and circles)


10/6 Seasons M's week 7 books 

Bop Until You Drop
Sing Through the Year 

Seasons fingerplays

Seasons craft 

p89-90 (#5)

p79 (different) 

p101 (lines)

Wedgits & Gears


M's week 8 books 

Bear Hunt

Rain  fingerplays

Fingerprint Rain craft  

p121-122 (#6 & shapes)

p126 (counting) 

p104 (dot 2 dot)

10/27 Beach & Ocean M's week 11&12 books  

Leap like a Frog

Days of the Week

Beach fingerplays 

Beach scene  

p138 (#7)

p134 (counting)

p140 (shapes) 

p110 (trace lines)

Building set & Bristle Builders



Pumpkin & Fall books

The Freeze

Sing through the year

Pumpkin fingerplays

Paper Plate Pumpkins

p152 (#8) 

153 (matching)

p154 (coloring shapes)

p160 (counting)

Pattern blocks


Thanksgiving books The Way We Do It
Days of the Week
Thankful & turkey figerplays 
Thankful Tree with verse (in my files)

p172 (#9)

p161 (matching shapes)

p169 (trace lines)

p176 (dot to dot)

Train Tracks



Date Letter/Theme Books Songs Art Station Pre-Writing Station Motor Skills Station
1/19  cancelled      

p272 (#11)

p180 (drawing)

p191 (dot to dot)

p200 (counting)

1/26  Snow  Memphis snow books

 Bop Until You Drop

Days of the Week


p291 (#12)

p201 (matching)

p204 (dot to dot) 

p226 (matching numbers)

Pattern blocks
2/2  Water  Memphis water books 

 The Freeze

Sing through the year

 Water cycle craft 

2p75 (#0)

p209 (matching shapes)

p227 (tracing lines)

p232 (matching numbers) 





God Gave Us Love

I love my momma, daddy...

Valentines books

H-E-A-R-T song 

Leap like a frog

Singing the Alphabet

Heart craft 

2p81 (#1)

p215 (matching shapes) 

p234 (coloring boxes)

book 2 p127 (dot to dot)



 If you give a mouse a cookie...


The Way We Do It 
Days of the Week
 Cookie craft 

2p86 (#2)

p242 (star) 

p252 (matching numbers)

2p142 (count shapes)

Wedgits & Gears
3/2  Farm Animals

 Donkey Donkey

Don't be so nosy posey

The cow that went oink

 Bop Until You Drop

Old MacDonald

 Cow face craft

2p95 (#3)

p283-284 (shapes)

p300 (counting)

Zoob & playstix 

 The Little Red Hen

 The Little Red Hen
Pancakes Pancakes
A Family for Old Mill Farm
The Freeze
The little red hen song
 The Little red hen craft

2p102 (#4)

p285 (patterns) 

p310 (counting)

p312 (match numbers)

Building Set & bristle builders


3/16  Frogs

 Frog and Toad Books

Frog simple science book

 Leap Like a Frog

Days of the Week

Frog songs

 Frog craft

2p108 (#5)

p327 (line tracing)

p335 (shapes) 

2p13 (oval matching)

Wooden blocks

& Lincoln Logs


 Shapes, Colors,

 Over in the Meadow
Colors vs. Shapes
ABC Babar book

The day the crayons quit

 The Way We do it

 Shape craft

2p116 (#6)

p344 (line tracing)

2p73 (shapes)

2p61 (dot to dot)

Pattern blocks


 Our Easter books

 Bear Hunt

Easter songs?

 Q-Tip Painted Easter Eggs

2p125 (#7)

2p172 (color shapes)

2p3 (trace shapes))

p267 (dot to dot




Packing List:

roster? and nametags

music player with music loaded

books to read

Art station supplies

Writing station pages and do a dots and pencils

Motor skills station stuff

Memphis & Morgan backpacks and supplies



Sun, Earth, Moon model craft 

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Sep 5, 2014  ( 1 comment )  
Julie Carr (beekielou)

Wow!  Interesting curriculum and study units!  Lucky kids!!

Sep 10, 2014  ( 1 comment )  
Kathy Carr (kathy)

Wow, you are already organized for the year; you are an amazing teacher mama!!

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