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03 Eddie

Update Received December 2014: Since the first day we brought Eddie home he hasn't missed a step with his new family. The time has just flown by and it's been awesome to have a wonderful pet full of character which Eddie is. There are many things he loves in his new home mostly sleeping/napping on Mom & Dad's tempurpedic bed and belly rubs (while laying on the bed)!


After our pet of 13 years passed away I didn't know if I could love another doggie the same, but Eddie has proven me wrong. I knew when I saw him at the adoption he was the one, as I became quite emotional. My family thoguht it was over the loss of our previous pet but it wasn't, I just knew I would provide Eddie his forever home and was overcome with joy. When I come home from work he's right there with the kids to great me, grab a quick pet and then waits for me to sit down so we can snuggle before dinner.


Thank you All Dog Rescue for giving us the gift of Eddie. He has brought many laughs to our family the last 9 months (he does not like the lake, but loves all the new smells at the cabin). I so look forward to our Eddie's first Christmas with us. Merry Christmas.

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