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Church Planting Movements Conference (David L. Watson)
  •  David Watson's blog -- Touchpoint
  • Here is a link to the most significant article (David Watson and Church Planting Movements) that I have read in the past few weeks. It is a summary written by a pastor who attended one of David Watson's teaching sessions on Church Planting Movements. It covers effectively a lot of material that David presents, and raised some questions that this Pastor found as challenges. Here is a short section, as written by Charles Kiser, the Pastor, that acts as a summary of the summary!
    • The basic process of starting CPM churches is: 1) church planter finds access to friendship with disconnected people; 2) church planter serves and loves disconnected friends; 3) church planter identifies a person of peace out of those friends; 4) church planter works with person of peace to invite his/her social unit (family or affinity group) into a 15-30 week inductive Bible study led by person of peace or someone else from social unit; 5) the group decides to follow Jesus and becomes a church; 6) new churches send out church planters to start the process again.
    • If you want to see the whole article, which is well worth the read, please go here.
    CPM (Church Planting Movements) Awareness Session 1   video is here  
    • These are my (Richard) notes of the video at
    • David L. Watson  Vice President of Global church Planting with CityTeam Ministries, San Jose, CA
    • See also videos for leading Discovery groups at
    • In 3 years started 17 churches in Malaysa (or Indonesia)

    • Go slow to go fast.  Medical surgery are taught to go slow so it's done right
      • Started teaching in Africa.  Seen 3,800 churches started in last 3 years
      • Now 40,000 churches in 13 years, 3 million believers
    • Focus on the few to win many.  Jesus did not focus on the thousands but the 12.
    • Asked God for 5 people he could pour his life in
    • Those 5 trained 5 each.  then those 5 trained 5 each.  Had thousand of leaders.  But each leader had the same agenda
      • If I'm teaching you, you must be teaching others.  If you are not teaching others I will not teach you.  No exceptions.  The moment I discover you are not teaching the relationship will be ended.
      • You got to focus on the right people.
      • Come back in 6 months and if you can sign the commitment then you can rejoin
    • Don't spend time with people who will suck up your time and energy and never give it to someone else.
      • they are fun loving, but you don't see any fruit they are producing.
      • we are to be as wise of serpents (wise as Satan, don't let him out think you)
      • We are called to make leaders.
    • Share only when people are ready to hear.
      • Crusades have minimal impact (Billy Graham said that). 
      • Mass Evangelism does not work.  Go back a year later and there is nothing there
      • Most mission organizations spend $40,000 to start a church.  In American, it says $1,000,000 to start a church
    • Their work spend $4.76 a church.  Within 3 years it below $1,000 a new church
    • An immature insider is more capable (have a greater impact) than an seminary trained outsider.
      • New believer of 4 years (had daughter had lupus, kidneys damaged by lupus, barely 20 years old)
    • 3 Columns on how to read the Bible
    • Put verse of bible in 1st column and 2nd column in our own words, 3rd how to apply it (how to apply it).  We talk it over with in our group to apply it.  We go to 3 different churches.  Hope to become a facilitators.  Everybody is going to learn how God can make a difference.
      • Started the group in one year ago
      • 6 in a group.  A lot of groups, in 10 houses, 100 people.  They have leaders.   Ricardo, 60 baptisms in one year.
      • She's a facilitator
    • How do you keep heresy from getting into it.  The accountability to the word of god
    • Start with Creation to Christ.  Don't discount the OT.  Need to understand that.  Moving people from not knowing God to knowing God
    • at 52 minutes, 51 seconds
    • They are called facilitators who start new groups.
    • John 6.43-45  No one can come to me unless the Father draws them to me.  Those that listen to the Father and learn from him come to me.  Turn accounts with scripture to 25-30 minutes and then the group discussing how to obey it.
      • Develop a system  NC what is this telling you about God?  It's about discovery, not preaching or teaching.
      • 2 parables of kingdom, sell everything and buy the land with the treasure/pearl  (stumble/religious)
      • We try to plant the treasure around so that those who are looking for it will find it and those who are not will stumble across it.

    • Obedience is more important than knowledge. 
    • Use discipleship materials focused on obedience not knowledge/scripture!
      • We judge things based on knowledge
    • Obedience is how God spells love (John 14.21)
      • Men, if we tell a woman we love her but date another.
      • We stress not knowledge but obedience
      • They must see it in our own lives (teaching obedience) is to live a life of obedience
    • Paul -- If you want to be a good Christian, copy me
      • Churches are not going to happen if I'm not obeying God
    • Let the lost be facilitators.
      • Look at this passage, write it down, put it in your own words, if this is from God what do we need to do
      • Outside leader is hard to win lost people and start churches
      • Our focus is on lostness
      • Our insiders has credibility as their lives changed (they are asked "what is going on"?)
      • They have Mosques becoming churches not because of preaching but because of obedience
      • They are called facilitators, not leaders or Pastors
      • They are coached to do it with their own group
      • Develop a pattern of mutual accountability
      • Then they say I know people  that I can do it with
      • write the scripture here, write what does it say to you here, write how are you going to do it here
        • God is doing the teaching
      • The leaders are not to lead groups but to coach lost facilitators to lead groups
      • The group is established with the lost people in charged
    • Source of heresy is seminary trained egotistical leaders, not lost people.  They are not in an accountability.
    • Disciple to conversion, don't convert to discipleship.
    • Jesus did not say go and make converts of all the nations
    • Were the 12 saved when Jesus called them to be his disciples
    • Disciple is not about Christians
    • Expect 2-3 years but except miracle acceleration.  Expect miracles.  Couple moved into Hindu village, leader of village said the couple did,  "God will you please show these people that you are God".  girl said "God let me die so that everyone will be saved"
    CPM Awareness Session 2   video is here
    • These are my (Richard) notes of the video
    • Paying local leaders with outside money will kill church planting.
    • $100 a month for a leader times 40,000 == 4 million a month.  Will limit church growth
    • Firm believer in self-support church planters
    • How to start a church
      • Invite neighbors to a barbecue to your house the next week and 42 showed up
      • Next month have another barbecue and ask them about the problems/issues in their community
      • Have another meeting on how to solve the community problems and bring in the spiritual dimensions
    • Church planting is not a full time job.  Best church planters are ordinary people.
    • Outsider comes in, meet needs, find spiritual people, train them.
    • Indian bicycle while he's repairing the bicycle he talks about spiritual things.  If they show interest he says come back tomorrow and I'll show you where I'm learning this stuff, then can I come to your house and talk to your family.  This guy starts 20-30 churches a year.
    • Couple started a school, in 2 years they started 1500 churches
    • No personal evangelism.  It's not in the Bible.  Not how we train and teach it in the West.  How do we move a person toward Christ.  Mat 7.21-24  How do you learn the will of the Father.
    • No mass evangelism.
    • We look for the people God has prepared to hear the gospel
    • Focus training on ordinary people.  Don't run seminaries or training of full time Christian workers.
    • There is a place for those who are paid.  But vocational workers are not (but trainers, equipping those who are doing the work.
    • Expect the hardest places to yield the greatest results
    • Help people in their tough situation (they think it's the toughest) don't compound it with wrong methodology
      • in their tough situation there are ways to meet the needs of people
      • there are ways to build relationships that allow for spiritual (not religious) conversation.
      • God doesn't care about religion but our obedience and our connection with him.  He cares about justice and righteousness
      • Expect results when you meet them at their spiritual need
      • Small, for profit projects often lead to more long term good will than charity and relief work (not much happens there) but do micro loans or start a business and hire people
    • 20 minutes 58 seconds

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    Nov 8, 2009  ( 1 comment )  
    Kathy Carr (kathy)
    Good notes on the videos; I hope we can get going with Tim & Melissa soon.
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