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Tozer Sabbath


There are many teachers who sound wonderful and actually have many good and useful things to say who when examined closely might shock you. For example this sermon by Tozer on Hebrews 10:26 where he states that a true believer might commit willful sin many times.…


Scroll down to Hebrews part 30 "Sin wilfully - no more sacrifice."


This sermon was a perfect repetition of all of the modern Christian teachings that say that we can continue to sin and that even one whom Tozer referered to as "great man of God" who backslid 7 times" (If I remember correctly.) Sometimes the teachings are so subtle that one would be certain that the speaker spoke the truth but hidden in the message was the poison that kills.


Tozer said that we must keep the commandments but denied any necessity to keep the Sabbath. Here is a direct quote from Tozer:


"Because we live in a period known as the age of God's grace, it has become a popular thing to declare that the Ten Commandments are no longer valid, no longer relevant in our society. With that context, it has become apparent that Christian churches are not paying attention to the Ten Commandments. But Dwight L Moody preached often in the commandments. John Wesley said he preached the commands of the Law to prepare the way for the gospel.


[Tozer states] R. A. Torrey told ministers if they did not preach the Law they would have no response to the preaching of the gospel. It is the Law that shows us our need for the gospel of salvation and forgiveness! It is accurate to say that our binding obligation is **not to the Old Testament Law**.


As sincere Christians we are under Christ's higher law-that which is represented in His love and grace. But everything that is **morally commanded ** in the Ten Commandments still comprises the moral principles that are the will of God for His people. God's basic moral will for His people has not changed!" End quote


At first glance Tozer seems to be upholding all of the ten commandments including the Sabbath by quoting Wesley, Moody etc. Then he says we are under a higher law (the law of Christ) and then he says that all of the MORAL principals in the ten commandments that are the will of God still apply.


What he does not explain in that quote is that in his view the sabbath commandment is not a moral law - it is a ceremonial law and therefore does not apply under the New Covenant. The Sabbath is no longer the will of God and the law is the will of God - not the ten commandments. Therefore the Sabbath is not "morally commanded" and no longer required. Tozer states:


"No Bible-taught Christian can allow himself to live in bondage to days and times and seasons (Colossians 2:16–17; Romans 14:4–10; 2 Corinthians 3:5–18). He knows he is free from the Law, and the Judaizing brethren who seek to rivet a yoke on his neck will not have much success. But he nevertheless appreciates the value of one day in seven to devote to prayer and praise. And since Christ arose from the dead on the first day, the Bible-loving man will see the spiritual appropriateness of the first day as the Christians voluntary sabbath day." End quote


By changing the definition of sin from "transgression of the law" to transgression of the will of God - he is able to set aside the 4th commandment. According to Tozer the Sabbath has become a **voluntary** Sabbath. The following is a typical explanation of the "Sabbath is not a moral law" teaching.


"The commandments against murder, adultery and lying, for instance are always in effect; that is, they can be considered "moral" laws. The fourth commandment (and it's prohibitions) were not to be followed on the other six days.  In effect, they cannot be considered "moral laws" since what cannot be done on Sabbath can be done on the other days of the week. In other words, a moral law MUST be fully in effect AT ALL TIMES - ALL DAYS - for it to be moral. At best, the Sabbath laws and restrictions were valid for only a 24 hour period. Certainly not continually moral in the sense of the other commandments."


I am not trying to pick on Tozer but he is a wonderful example for us to learn how a man can sound so right and yet be antinomian in practice. The reality is that men like Tozer unwittingly become like a trap to capture those who have been called by God and see the need to come out of the world. The trap is to keep them from ceasing from sin completely. Tozer could teach the truth he had learned only as far as he had walked down that narrow path that leads to life. He came out of the world but unfortunately he never got past Mt Sinai...


Harold Kupp


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