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Chain of Survival -CPR Notes, etc.
Chain of Survival
1.  Prevent cause of cardiac Arrest first
Put car seat in back seat
Choking-don't allow small children to play with anything smaller than a t.p. tube
2.  Early CPR
3.  access to emergency-dial 911
"For every minute, there is a 10% survival rate."
Under 1 year-Heartsaver CPR
Do CPR on hard surface
1.  Check for unresponsiveness (shout for help)
2.  Open airway-tilt head, lift chin
3.  Look and listen
4.  Give 2 slow breaths; chest should rise.  Cover nose and mouth in CPR.
If there's a head or neck injury, use jaw thrust.
Infants breathe through their nose, not their mouths.
Adults can burst infants' lungs if you blow too hard. (Fill up cheeks with air.)
Don't hyper-extend head.
Child can turn blue in 10 sec., not getting oxygen; Give RESCUE BREATHS
SIDS occurs 0-6 months; males between 3-6 mos. in winter have higher incidence
Giving CPR:
Imaginary line across chest and nipple line-give 5 compressions to 1 breath with 2 fingers.
Phone 911 after 1 min. if alone.  Continue CPR.
If baby is crying or moving, don't do CPR.
Push 1,2,3,4,5, then 2 breaths  (5:2)
Normal heartbeat is 120 beats/min.
CHOKING: the #1 cause of death of infants
Relieving a foreign body:
1.  Turn infant upside down
2.  Deliver sharp back blows
3  Give 5 chest thrusts
Look for object (don't do blind sweep)
Do 1 min CPR
Call for help
When calling 911, the number that comes up matches the one who pays the phone bill
1-8 year olds
1.  Check for unresponsiveness
2.  Call for help
3.  Open airway-head tilt or jaw thrust
4.  Look, listen and feel for breathing
5.  Give 2 slow breaths
6.  Look for chest to rise
7.  Check for signs of circulation
8.  Compress 1/3 to 1/2 depth of chest (100 compressions/minute)
California law says under 18 year olds have to wear helmet if riding anything with wheels.
Choking- use the Heimlech Manuver
1.  Are you choking?
2.  Can you breathe?
3.  Place hands above navel and below breastbone
4.  Give abdominable thrusts
If by yourself and choking, dial 911 and fall on chair.
Car Seats
6 years and up to 60 lbs. in car seat. 
Seat goes in back up to age 12.

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Nov 11, 2006  ( 1 comment )  
Julie Carr (beekielou)
Thanks for posting this - a great review for me!
Dec 11, 2006  ( 1 comment )  
Rose Carr (rodie)
I just took a baby sitting class, where we learned CPR and about heart attacks, and stuff like that. It was a red cross class. Now I am a certified baby sitter!
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