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Know About The Prostate Cancer Symptoms

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Prostate cancer is the second most frequent cancer among men following skin cancer, therefore it's important to understand the basic aspects of the disease, and also the risks.


The prostate is a tiny gland located inside the male reproductive system. Although it is essential to the production of fluid that enriches men's semen but it may cause issues as we age. Each man may experience different symptoms, so it is likely that prostate cancer may be caused by another condition.


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Prostate cancer early symptoms


Prostate cancer can be caused by a variety of urinary symptoms due to its proximity the bladder, urethra, and prostate gland. A tumor can press on the bladder and limit the flow of urine dependent on its size and position. The early signs of prostate cancer are:


Burning or pain in the urinary tract


Trouble urinating or difficulty getting started and stopping urination


Urinary urges that are more frequent during the evening


The loss of bladder control


A decrease in flow or velocity in the urine stream


Hematuria - Blood in the urine


Semen is blood


Erectile dysfunction


Ejaculation that is painful


Prostate cancer symptoms that are in advanced stages


Prostate cancer patients with advanced stages might also experience additional signs. The reason for this is that the cancer has spread to different areas of your body, such as lymph nodes and bones. It is recommended to take prostate supplement if you have problems in your prostate.




A variety of treatments are available for managing advanced cancer. These treatments not only destroy cancer cells, but may also be used to help sufferers manage their pain.


Signs of metastatic prostate cancer may include:


The the pelvic region


Numbness or pain in the legs, hips or feet


The problem persists and eventually leads to a fracture that causes bone pain


Prostate cancer symptoms that recur


Prostate cancer that returns after treatment is classified as recurrent. A local recurrence happens when the cancer returns to the prostate. Metastatic cancer occurs when cancer develops and spreads to other areas of the body. The cancer may spread to other parts of the body, if it has metastasized. Metastatic prostate cancer typically is spread to the liver and bones as well as the lung. It is possible to treat prostate issues through using Px7 Primal Flow.


After initial treatment for prostate cancer, PSA levels are expected to fall drastically. An increase in PSA levels could be the first sign that you are suffering from prostate cancer that is recurrent. Recurrent cancer could be identified by other signs, based on the extent of cancer spread. The symptoms are:


Urine that is contaminated with blood


It can be difficult to urinate.


Lower back pain




Trouble breathing




Patients should discuss any symptoms with their physician and inquire for regular PSA tests after treatment.


Prostate cancer testing options: Testing methods


Although there isn't an age limit for prostate cancer screening however, the American Cancer Society (ACS) provides recommendations for screenings. According to the ACS patients should inquire with their physician about screening.


For men over 50 years old, the average risk of developing prostate cancer is 5 percent and the life expectancy is 10 years.


The men who are 45 or older are at high risk, and so is anyone who has an immediate family member (brother/father) or who have been diagnosed with prostate cancer in the past prior to reaching age 65.


Men over 40 years of age are at greater risk. For example, if more than one family member is diagnosed with prostate cancer in the early stages of their lives.


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