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How To Choose An Addiction Treatment Center
drug rehab


The decision of choosing dual diagnosis center Florida for your self or your loved ones is an overwhelming and difficult decision. With the increase in the prevalence of opioids and the field of addiction treatment has seen an influx in fraudulent marketing and unprofessional practices of drug drug rehab "providers" who's sole focus is profit. Many consumers are confused and distrustful about the best way to locate reliable treatment alternatives.


Consumers need to know what they are seeking drug detox center Florida in the present more than ever. Here are some of the questions you should ask when researching centers for treatment and speaking to rehabilitation professionals.


In order to be able promote their services and programs to be able to promote their programs and services on Google and Facebook via a third-party company, LegitScript, drug rehab centers also need to be certified. With this certification, you'll ensure that only high-quality, legitimate treatment centers can advertise on these channels. This process provides the protection of the customer.


It's sometimes difficult to determine which rehab facilities are ethical or illegal Be cautious when researching if you find numerous negative news stories about the facility.


Clinical Staff Credentials and Licenses


The certifications and licenses of individuals providing outpatient rehab Fort Lauderdale programs or services show that they meet the national standards for professional practice. If the clinical staff is not certified or licensed, they might not have the training and knowledge required to provide most efficient treatment.



Multidisciplinary Treatment Team

Inpatient treatment for substance use disorders requires the involvement of a multidisciplinary team in treating the entire illness. The rehab program should include a mix of professionals who work together to create an individualized treatment plan. Each member of the team should have a license to practice the discipline. It is crucial to be aware of staff members who have multiple responsibilities. A multidisciplinary treatment team typically comprises:


Counselor for addiction to drugs












Wellness specialist


Spiritual care counselor


Evidence-based practices


Treatments that are evidence-based and backed by research-based science are the best. Examples of evidence-based practices include Twelve-Step Facilitation, Behavioral Therapy, Medication-assisted Therapies and other models of treatment.


Mental Health Services


A lot of people who are addicted to drugs or alcohol also suffer from a co-occurring mental disorder such as anxiety or depression. In order to provide the best treatment, an accurate dual diagnosis is required. For patients with a dual diagnosis the most effective treatment involves treating addiction as well as the co-occurring mental illness at the same time. Consider coordinating mental health services with other providers if an addiction treatment program is not able to provide them.


Treatment Results and Success Rate


Too often, rehab providers do not measure the results of their treatment or they do so inconsistently. Even the definition of treatment "success" could differ between providers. Don't trust rehab centers that claim to have the "cure" or 100 percent success rate. If rehab success rates are stated, the data should be gathered through research-based methods or be published in peer-reviewed journals.


Medication-assisted or Medical Detox


Your hospital or clinic can provide medical detoxification services prior to registering for an addiction treatment program. You can also undergo medical detox on-site. A detox unit's medical staff must comprise doctors as well as nurses that are certified to help you manage withdrawal symptoms as well as the elimination of cravings for drugs. The process of recovery will not be complete without monitoring your health regularly.


Specialized Programs


High-quality treatment providers don't use an uniform approach to care. It is important to seek out rehab facilities that offer individual, tailored care regardless of whether they're specific to gender or targeted care for young adults, teens or other specific populations. Mixed groups can make difficult discussions on various issues in rehab.


The length of the rehabilitation program


The duration of your stay in treatment is best measured by the progress you make rather than by a predetermined number of days. Certain substance abuse programs offer an estimated time frame however, if no progress is achieved within that time frame the time in treatment may be extended. It is important to look for programs that offer a variety of levels of rehabilitation, so that you are able to move into an easier level of treatment as progress is made.


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