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Are 862 Heads a Better Choice?

With a plethora of automotive components available in the market, you may have a hard time knowing which cylinder heads are right for your vehicle. 862 LS Heads make the top choice when it comes to high-performing cylinder heads. Cylinder heads are the essential component of a vehicle and they determine the efficiency of the engine. They need to be robust, and be able to withstand high temperatures and immense pressures, without altering shape and form.


The CNC Ported 862 LS heads stand atop with all these features, and assure efficient operation of a vehicle. Read on to learn more about 862 LS cylinder heads.


CNC Ported 862 LS Heads- The Ultimate New Gen Cylinder Heads


The CNC Ported 862 LS Heads are the most demanding cylinder heads in the modern era. They come with all new stainless steel swirl polished 2.00 and 1.57 valves, new springs for up to .650 lift, new retainers, spring seats, and valve seals. The remanufactured 862 heads exceed OEM specifications and have a myriad of other features.

The 862 LS heads will fit different types of vehicles of various makes and models like Silverado, Tahoe, and Sierra, and are resurfaced with the polycrystalline diamond at 45 degrees, and seats ground with 3 angle valve jobs. The 862 heads are also the most affordable option and completely rebuilt for LM4, LM7, and 5.3LS engine builds. Read on to learn more about its features.




Made of Aluminum, 862 heads are lightweight and they dissipate heat more efficiently. They provide better fuel economy and are often used in high-performance and race cars. Weight saving and rapid engine cooling are the other best features of casting 862 heads.


Is it Worth Upgrading 862 Heads?


Casting 862 heads proves beneficial even with the small valves of 1.89 intake, less than 2.00 valves, and smallest combustion chamber with the best compression ratio. They depict an excellent flowing head and provide higher compression. Beyond everything, 862 LS heads offer enormous power at a budget-friendly cost. Also, there are hundreds of thousands of 1999 862 heads and up to 4.8-5.3 truck heads: 61.15cc available to port.


If you are still not convinced, read through to understand why casting 862 heads is a great choice. They are:


  • Commonly found
  • Best performing and affordable
  • Highly reliable and equivalent to 706 heads
  • Suitable for many builds
  • Plentiful and easily available in market


To add on, let’s compare 806 Heads to 706 Heads, another top-rated cylinder heads in the market.

The 862 heads are virtually identical to 706 heads in most ways. They have the same valve size, port, and chamber cores. The difference lies in their compression ratio and make.


While 862 heads are sand cast, 706 heads are semi-permanent mold. Also, they have smaller combustion chambers, and the milling of the deck surface will allow a slightly higher compression ratio than the 706 heads. Except for this, there is only a negligible difference between 706 and 862 heads. So, casting 862 heads would do favors for your car with a perfect set up.


Last Words

In a nutshell, the LS 862 heads are the best-performing, affordable, and ported 5.3 heads that will best suit your car. If you are looking for a high-performing cylinder head at an economical price, then the 862 LS heads are definitely a great choice. Tune in for more information or queries regarding cylinder heads or other automotive parts.

About Allied Motor Parts:

Allied Motor Parts is an Expert Cylinder Head Remanufacturer. The company has over 150 years of remanufacturing light truck and automotive cylinder heads. Allied Motor parts houses their remanufactured cylinder heads inside their 25,000 square foot plant in Atlanta. The Company has a large selection of cylinder heads for sale that covers most makes and models today. Allied Motor Parts also do custom cylinder head building for hard to find parts and late models. Machinists at Allied motor Parts are experienced cylinder head remanufacturers and are capable of offering foreign and domestic cylinder heads at competitive prices.


Listed below are the cylinder head service offered by Allied Motor Parts:


  • cylinder heads for all makes and models
  • repair and cylinder head exchange
  • aluminum welding
  • cast iron welding
  • CBN and PCD resurfacing
  • crack repair,
  • triple angle valve work


Allied Motor Parts Website:


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706 Heads & 862 Heads:


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