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A0 - Why teach by asking questions



If a person discovers the conclusion for himself based upon the
premises which he already accepts, he will be able to reconstruct his
own reasoning process and know how he arrived at the conclusion.
Naturally, such discovery of truth remains with the person for life.


Make the Person Articulate Each NOTES
Every time you come to one of the premises upon which the Gospel is
built, (i.e. “all have sinned;” “the wages of sin is death;” “judgment is
coming” etc.) make the person articulate the premise to you. This way
the premise becomes his conclusion—not yours. If you can help him to
establish the premises, it is very easy for the Spirit of God to help him
see the truth. If, on the other hand, you establish the premises and do
not allow the person to do it, you allow your listener to conclude: “Well,
that’s his opinion.”


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