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The Complete Guide To Bounce Houses


mini bounce house

Bouncy houses can take your child's party to new dimensions. A lot of parents find that purchasing an inflatable inflatable slide, is also an investment that is long-term and reliable. Inflatable houses are great not only for parties but also for weekend play dates.


Not to mention that setting up a bouncy house isn't as difficult as it used to be. It's as simple as taking it out of the bag, unrolling it then connecting the blower and then turning the unit on. Relax, sit back and watch your kid's eyes light up with delight as the structure expands.


Bounce houses are getting more popular at children's parties because of their security and entertainment. They also give children with a space of their own without adult supervision.


You can hire or purchase an inflatable bouncer, based on your preferences. We suggest buying one mini bounce house. They are inexpensive and can be sold off when no longer needed.


A Brief Introduction to Bounce Houses

Inflatable structures (or bounce houses) were first created by an engineer from the mechanical field. The engineer was inspired to design an inflatable house after he saw his employees making use of tennis court covers to make inflatables. One of his greatest accomplishments was designing the air cushion for safety: the device that is primarily intended to stop people from jumping from high buildings or from the heights.


When he observed his employees jumping off an inflatable surface, he developed the idea of starting an own company named Space Walks. At the same time some students in England used this idea to raise funds. The inflatable structures were referred to as "moonhouses" instead of being called bounce houses. The name was inspired by the feeling of walking on the moon, the name "moon houses" was applied.


These inflatable slide were frequently used for events for children such as birthday parties and picnics. The main problem that people had with the early inflatable designs was that they did not have any enclosures. It was possible to get to be thrown over the ground.


It was a risk to safety. A few years later walls and pressurized tops were added.


Modern Bounce House Features


Modern inflatable play structures do not have the old "moon house's"problems. This is mainly due to advances in the field of textiles and manufacturing methods.


Modern textiles create more durable and tougher areas for kids to play in. There is no longer an overgrown nail piercing the fabric. Another benefit of modern age fabrics is that they are stronger with the same weight. It's possible to put up an inflatable house in a matter of only a few minutes. Ask any veteran rental company manager and they'll tell you the weight of inflatables be.


The introduction of high-performance plastics has also enabled the blowers to be much lighter. Old blowers were made of metal and could be quite loud. Modern inflatables feature light and quiet blowers. In fact, the majority of blowers in smaller size (ie 12 by 12 feet) are about as loud as a vacuum cleaner.


Modern stitching machines can also cut down on the involvement of humans when stitching the panels. This leads to more straight lines and fewer manufacturing errors, and all at a lower price. Modern stitches are more durable than those of the past due to the fact that they have more reinforcements in weaker areas. While the older "moon houses" might have reinforcements as well, the extra manual labor resulted in them being much more costly.


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