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Roger Van Wyk
Magnus Road 7, Centurion, Pretoria, South Africa 08/May/1984
I am a self taught web developer and received a grant from Google to learn Android programming in Java.
The grant was in partnership with the African App Launchpad, and part of their 'Digital skills for tech in Africa'
Through research I learned Ruby on Rails, JavaScript|Java object oriented programming, REACT, JSON, and
RESTless APIs.
I started learning after resigning from a thirteen year military Air Traffic Controller career.
Additional departments I handled were Training, Hospitality, Public Relations, Aviation Safety, and Projects.
I obtained various military medals, awards, and reached the peak of my career at a very young age.
I am part of the Shopify Partners program and a registered developer for Facebook.
As a veteran I possess managerial, leadership, coaching, and various other skills.
I'm a self motivated, goal orientated team player, with a natural gift for producing excellence.
Western Highschool
1991 - 2002 | National Certificate
Top academic student Grades 1,2,4,6,7.
Colors for athletics, rugby, cricket, chess.
Graduated with an Exemption from University Entrance Exam.
Two years served as a Prefect.
Ekhuruleni Technicon, Kempton Campus
2003 - 2003 | Improving National Certificate Results
Achieved 2nd place in Mathematics, and top achiever in Technical Drawings, Physical Science, and PC
Played 1st team rugby, and 2nd team soccer, and was an anchor for the chess team.
South African Air Force Command & Control School
2004 - 2011 | Air Traffic Controller
2004 Basic Military Training
2004 Ranked Airman
2004 Awarded 3rd fittest soldier
2005 Air Traffic Services Assistant
2005 Promoted to rank Lance Corporal
2006 Ground Controller
2006 Air Traffic Services Assistant
2006 Promoted to rank Corporal

2006 Military Officer's Formative
2007 Ranked Candidate Officer
2007 Aerodrome Controller
2007 Aviation Safety Officer
2008 Commissioned to rank Second Lieutenant
2008 Flight Information Service Provider
2008 Air Traffic Control Instructor
2008 Awarded Top Air Force ATC
2009 Facilitator, Assessor, Moderator
2010 FIFA World Cup Peace Keeping Operations
2010 Promoted to rank Lieutenant
2011 Awarded Medal for Air Defence during 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa
2011 Approach Control (Procedural & Radar)
2012 Awarded Top Air Force ATC
2012 Promoted to rank Captain
2013 Awarded Top Air Force ATC
2014 Awarded 10 Year Loyal Service Medal
2017 Resigned from SA National Defence Force (SA Air Force)
25 Oct 2019 - 24 Jan 2020 | Android Basics Nanodegree
Please refer to my GitHub account at
South African Air Force
2004 - 2017 | Air Traffic Controller
Air Traffic Controller
Air Traffic Services Instructor
Aviation Safety Manager
Hospitality Manager
Training Coordinator
Project Manager
Public Relations Officer
2018 - 2020 | Web Developer
Freelance web development on various online platforms, developing projects for clients worldwide.
2019 - 2020 | Android Developer
Putting my newly obtained skills to work, building amazing mobile apps for clients. I write in Java, and is in
process of learning Kotlin.

Google Playstore
2019 - 2020 | innerCircle
Android communications app for chats, voice|video calls and multimedia sharing.
Google Playstore
2020 - 2020 | Van Wyk
My portfolio and résumé in the form of an Android application.
Android, Web Front-End, Adobe Illustrator, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, WordPress
Music, Travelling, Sport
Available on request.
English, Afrikaans
Top Air Traffic Controller at SA Air Force 2007|2012|2013
Web Design
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